Taylor Moore (born March 29, 1990 (1990-03-29) [age 27]) is an American Tech Reviewer on YouTube, working to merge cinematography with the tech review world.  


Taylor Moore, originally from Chicago, IL, graduated with an engineering degree from Texas A&M University back in 2012 and has recently received his MBA from Vanderbilt University. He is now living in Seattle, WA with his tech products looking to continue breaking into the YouTube game.

His interest in technology started at the age of 2 when he learned how to turn on his parents' computer to play his favorite video game via MS-DOS.  Through the next two decades, his obsession with great technology led his friends and family to constantly come to him for advice on what to purchase, which, when mixed with his new obsession with developing his skills in cinematography, led to his new efforts to become a YouTuber. His relationships in the technology world will soon be giving him exclusive access to highly anticipated products.  

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