Team Candiru is a British production company specializing in the creation of documentary films with a natural history or controversial theme. On their channel they post short-form films and sequences, as well as occasional behind-the-scenes content on their filming process.


Team Candiru comprises three main members - James Dunbar, Dave Gillies and Richard Mann.

James and Dave first met in 2012 when James asked a mutual friend for suggestions for someone to write music for the sequence he was working on, Spin. Receiving critical acclaim for their work, the pair continued working together, with Dave soon taking on narration duties for the more ambitious sequences to come.

Late the following year, James brought timelapse specialist Richard Mann into the fold. Together, the team began work on their longest film to date, The Solitary Bees, a 17-minute short film that is free to download and exhibit for schools and conservation organizations. The film was made available to view on YouTube in January 2016. The Solitary Bees has since been translated into Spanish.

Officially incorporated in early 2016, the team are now working on a feature length documentary about the various efforts of the IUCN, WWF and AEECL to conserve lemurs in Madagascar, while continuing to produce short sequences of invertebrates for Vimeo and YouTube.