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TehNoobWorld (better known as TehNoobShow) is a popular video maker who specialises in making humourous films about RuneScape. He is best known for his video series, RuneScape Gods Exposed, which is about the three main gods of RuneScape, and Bob, a character who calls everyone a noob, but, ironically, asks for free stuff all of the time.


TehNoobWorld made his video called Are YOU an Ubnub?! sponsoring After, he made a video called Runescape - TehNoobShow - Episode 1, interviewing his first character, Bob.


Bob: TehNoobWorld's first character, TehNoobWorld uses his real RuneScape account to play Bob.

Chicken Man: A reaccuring villian dressed in a chicken suit.

Saradomin: One of the three RuneScape gods, he is the god of good and light. He currently is one of the stars in RuneScape Gods Exposed.

Zamorak: Another one of the three RuneScape gods, he is the god of evil. He is another star of RuneScape Gods Exposed.

Guthix: The god of peace and neutrality, Guthix is the third god and the third star of RuneScape Gods Exposed. He is presumably retarded.

Gonthorian: A fictional character made by TehNoobWorld, he is a person who thinks of himself as one of the greatest warriors of time.

Characters Gallery


RuneScape Shorts - These are just random shorts made by TehNoobWorld.

RuneScape Gods Exposed - One of his main series, it stars the three RuneScape gods.

Bob's Epic Day - An interactive game where you, the viewer, can control Bob.

Bob IRL - Bob is actually real in the form of a stuffed monkey.

Machinma Sponsorship

Currently, TehNoobWorld is sponsored by Machinma. This is where he posts up all of his more recent videos.