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Anthony Vincent Valbiro (born September 21, 1987 (1987-09-21) [age 30]) is a musician who is known for doing covers of songs in different styles. He is most popular for his "Ten Second Songs 20 Style Covers" which is uploaded on his most recent YouTube channel "Ten Second Songs" which within seven months hit a million subscribers.

Before Fame

He first started out making Ten Second Songs for his website (hence the name) sometime in early 2012. He would use the website called, which is a freelance website that charges anywere from $5 to $500 for someone's work. He would produce and perform ten second long songs in any style that the consumer wanted. The reason he created his YouTube channel was mainly to promote his services on the website, but once he uploded his first YouTube video (Katy Perry - Dark Horse)  he didn't anticipate how popular it would get. He still creates songs on his websites, however he doesn't have as much time dedicated to the service as he used to.


Anthony was born in New York.  At the same time as he was doing his 10 second songs, he was also working at Home Depot, and once his services became more popular he quit his job to foucs more on it.

Other Channels

He also has another YouTube channel called AnthonyVincentMusic where he uploads covers to songs and extra style songs.


  • He has a brother
  • He has a band called Set The Charge, where he is the lead singer