Welcome back to another episode of The Worlds WORST Gamer, Im your host Terrible Tommy, The Worlds WORST Gamer.

―Terrible Tommy

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Terrible Tommy, mostly known as The Worlds WORST Gamer is an Canadian Gaming YouTuber. He makes videos where he fails on video games his fans tell him to play.


Tommy Gun started making videos on GunVsGun with his brother MachineGunDanny. Their channel is still active, and it has over 4,000,000 subscribers.


Terrible Tommy

In 2013, Tommy made his own YouTube channel called Terrible Tommy. The reason why he made a gaming channel is that a lot of people asked him is he plays video games. Tommy's first gaming video was him playing Minecraft. He tried playing it, but he didn't know the controls, so he became angry and stopped making Minecraft videos, and said that it's the worst video game. After playing Minecraft, Tommy played Cat Mario. When he was playing it, he got so angry that he broke his computer keyboard. Tommy uploads a gameplay every week. In March 2015, Tom started his website.

Dear Cyborg

Dear Cyborg is Terrible Tommy's other channel where people send him letters and he reads them and makes videos while the reading and a talk. Life Coach... For Losers!