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Hello Friend, my name is Tessa. Sometimes I turn on the camera. Then stuff happens.

―Tessa's YouTube Description

Tessa Violet WIlliams (born March 20, 1990 (1990-03-20) [age 27]) known on YouTube as Meekakitty is a YouTuber specializing in Comedy Vlogs and Tutorials. She became popular through Vlogging about her experiences as a model in Asia, though her channel reached upwards of 100,000 subscribers when she moved back to New York City. She also won a contest and received $100,000.

Personal life

She is originally from Oregon & currently resides in Los Angeles. She is a former model. 


She is interested in anime and other aspects of Asian culture such as J-pop and K-pop. In addition to her official YouTube channel, Tessa is also featured in Vlogvetica , a collaboration channel with 4 other Youtubers, and is an ex-post supervisor of BreakingNYC , Ray William Johnson's weekly-vlog channel which also occasionally features Tessa's cousin, Will (thewillofDC).

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