Caleb Chalk (born April 10, 1999 (1999-04-10) [age 19]) is an amateur vlogger/content creator on YouTube under the name TetrisSlayer. With more than 260 videos on his channel, he uploads a variety of content, usually under the following three categories: vlogs, games, music, and miscellaneous.

TetrisSlayer originally joined YouTube on April 29, 2012, roughly nineteen days after his thirteenth birthday; his parents didn’t allow him to have one before then due to YouTube’s terms of service. Although he joined on the 29th, his first video wasn’t until the fourth of May, when he finally figured out how to upload to youtube. His first video, entitled Lucario Dies: Pokémon Pearl Picture Spoof (link:, was a crude “animation,” if you could even call it that (really it was just a sequence of still shots), that told a story. Currently, it has about 1,171 views. Fast forward about a year to August 11th, 2013, TetrisSlayer uploads his first video that was majorly "popular." He uploaded a video called All Drowning Themes (link: This was one of his intentionally bad videos, that he initially made as a joke. Little did he know how popular it would be though, with the video quickly climbing in popularity and reaching 1,000 views overnight. Currently that video has about 784,258 views.

He taught himself how to play the guitar and uploaded the video "Ode to Joy" in which he covered Ode to Joy by Beethoven (link:

He self proclaimed himself to be a brony on December 1st, 2014 with his vlog where he defended a then 9 year old boy named Grayson for being bullied for liking my little pony.

His most recent videos involve a screenrecorder called Icecream Screen Recorder. His most recent video was of a guitar cover of the song Amazing Grace. It seems like he's inactive but in truth, he uploads videos every other weekend.