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ThatAnimeSnob,also known as Roricon, is an anime YouTuber who's known for his series Critical Anime Overview.  He's known for being a harsh critic, who's garnered lots of hate over the years because of it.  He has watched thousands of anime, making his standards for quality of anime unbelievably high, meaning that he won't give most anime he begins the time of day to continue or finish, and most of them he critically pans; very few anime that he finishes he deems to have genuine quality to them these days.  Despite this, he has garnered quite the fanbase for him over the years, and is known as the harshest anime critic on YouTube, and one of the, if not possibly the, harshest critic on YouTube in general.    Snob has also gained a lot of critics due to his high standards and his views about objectivity, such as Digibro, whom Snob loves to constantly rag on.  


Critical Anime Overview

First Impressions

Break Aparts

Anime Truths


Anime Awards

Rorico's Top Lists

Seasonal Overviews

Anime Comparisons

Anime Studio Evaluations

Annual Anime Evaluations

Good Friends on YouTube

  1. Bobsamurai
  2. AnimeEveryday
  3. Kenji the Enigi Anime Reviews

People on YouTube that Peter has Called Out or Criticized Specifically

  1. Chibi Reviews (Jacob)
  2. The Anime Man (Joey)
  3. Misty Chronexia (Misty)
  4. Forneverworld
  5. Digibro (Conrad Collins)

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