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  Marc Angelo Rocafort (born April 10, 1996) Formely known as the SongWritingNinja, now goes by The YouTube Channel ThatMarcAngelo is a relatively new Filipino youtuber and musician. His YouTube channel currently has 1,000+ Subscribers.


Rocafort created his YouTube channel in September 2011, originally with the intent of uploading home recorded song demos and music videos. Rocafort began to create vlogs after being inspired by his bestfriends SoFrandom4 and RojoSimpson. He has also been inspired by popular youtubers such as Emma Blackery and AmazingPhil in which he stated on his 1st vlog "VLOG #1 Hello SongWritingNinja!"


Marc uploaded his first vlog on January 25, 2014 titled, "VLOG #1 Hello SongWritingNinja!". Marc's most successful video to date as SongWritingNinja is "VLOG #3 TMI" which features one of his bestfriends SoFrandom4, The video has gained 500+ Views, 356 Likes, 4 Dislikes and 14 Comments. This channel is no longer active

The YouTube Journey

On March 24, 2014, Rocafort released a trailer on his YouTube account rocafortrfoze for his new project, The YouTube Journey, a 10-part part video series inspired by Benjamin Cook's "Becoming Youtube" This Channel was created on September 17, 2014, intending to be his new channel. On this channel he uploads vlogs

Personal life

Marc currently lives in London, United Kingdom. In a video posted on 29 April, Marc reveals Sara Axelsson (known on YouTube as Eddadella) as his best friend in the "Bestfriend Tag", but part 2 of the video (posted on Sara's channel) reveals they would be more than just best friends. Marc and Sara has confirmed their relationship on both twitter and facebook.