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ilikemonsterjam started YouTube in July 2012 on 27th. He has two best friends Catbelle12 and monsterjamfan9ooo Catbelle12 like's being called  Cat and Monsterjamfan9ooo is called by his real name Matt. Cat is a actress that loves video games and YouTube Matt always likes to die from the internet. ilikemosterjam has some nick names (ilike, A3W, A3Wmonstertrucks,Mr,MrLe,Creepy) Cat just call's him Cristian, Cristiannnnn or A&w-ie.On April 25, 2014 his best friend Cat asked to be his girlfriend not alot of girls deside to go up to a guy and expect them to say yes but ilikemonsterjam said yes when she messaged him that she wanted to be his girlfriend. ilikemonsterjam changed his roblox username two times one was to A3WMonsterTrucks and he's now keeping MrLeCreepypasta. ilikemonsterjam Chose MrLeCreepypasta becuse he likes Creepypastas inhance "LeCreepypasta".  ilikemonsterjam loves playing Roblox, Minecraft, and more. Cristian Changed his username to ThatOneRH1N0 on roblox and ThatOneRhino on YouTube right now Cristian has been in a relation ship with his girlfriend Cat almost 1 year. He been in the studio in roblox mostly.