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Jamie T. Birkitt, known by his channel name TheArchfiend, is a YouTuber who makes vlogs, rants, and other miscellaneous content. He's one of the first YouTuber "news channels".


Archfiend was a member on eBaumsworld before joining YouTube. His first videos were simple POV rollercoaster rides, but later led to his rant videos- his first video to gain popularity was a rant on the Irate Gamer.  Archfiend's videos would then go on to become about YouTube drama from many different YouTubers. He became known for attacking many different YouTubers which garnered him a lot of hate comments and dislikes on his videos.

He later used those hate comments to his adventage to make YouTube videos about the comments noting many spelling and grammar errors as well as pointing out flaws in the comment (this type of video was his most viewed video).

After going away from YouTube drama he shifted his videos more on sports and politics. Archfiend would post videos every week during football season talking about the Philadelphia Eagles.

In 2016, he announced that he would be leaving YouTube indefinitely. He soon returned for a short bit to talk about the Philadelphia Eagles before taking another hiatus.

He would return from the hiatus momentarily as his team would eventually win the Super Bowl in 2018. During the video he explains why he has taken such a long time away from YouTube. He says that a lot of it comes from a death in the family as well as having to take care of his child has left him little time to care about YouTube.

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