TheBalishChannel made his original debut on Twitch (originally Justin.TV) in early 2009 and it was the first place in which he used this screen name.

Initially opening his YouTube Channel on April 12, 2009, TheBalishChannel has created numerous rant videos and animated skits for over half a decade to moderate success.

TheBalishChannel first discovered mariotehplumber's YouTube account in late 2010 during the hype of Sonic 4's upcoming release. TheBalishChannel and mariotehplumber share similar tastes in video-games and have been friends ever since. They are often seen collaborating on their various respective projects.

Today, TheBalishChannel can be seen broadcasting alongside mariotehplumber as they play through a wide variety of video-games with their viewers/followers, and browse the internet in search of hysterical lunacy.

Although active, he doesn't post too often anymore.