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TheBitBlock, previously known as Nintendo Beyond, is a YouTube channel hosted by Josh Thomas. The channel focuses on Nintendo-based gaming. He also makes lifestyle videos and vlogs, but now they are made on his second channel, JT Style. On July 2017, this channel temporarily closed for refurbishment and opened again in September 2017 as Nintendo Beyond, but revert back to its original name in June 2018. He also sometimes does discussion live streams with viewers. As of June 2018, the channel was named back to TheBitBlock after viewers liking that name over Nintendo Beyond. 



In these videos, Josh reacts to game reveals and trailers.

Halloween Videos

These videos are only uploaded in October, and feature gameplay of ghost-themed areas from games.

Style Vlogs

These are videos where Josh unboxes and reviews clothing items.

The Fold

The Fold is an original video series where Josh showcases new and old Nintendo software with his friend, Nick.


These are videos where Josh discusses a particular topic. Sometimes, RogersBase participates in these discussions. They are very similar to GameXplain's GameXplain's discussion videos.

Make Believe

Make Believe is a series of videos where Josh thinks about what Nintendo's characters, controllers, and franchises will be like in the future. It did not last very long and was canceled after only 4 episodes. It returned back on September 22,r2017, and this series is supported with Patreon.

Video Journals

These are videos where Josh showcases certain parts of various games.

Gaming Reviews

In these videos, Josh gives detailed reviews about Nintendo software.

Series that are no longer continued


This is a series of videos where Josh talks about updates coming to his channel. Now all vlogs are made on his second channel.

Theme Park Videos

These are videos where Josh and RogersBase film themselves at various theme park attractions.

The Fruit Salad Podcast

The Fruit Salad Podcast is a series where Josh and his friend Dan chat about various topics.

Joshy's Junk

Joshy's Junk is a series where Josh shows off various toys he's collected.

Relaxing ASMR Nintendo Videos

This is a slow-paced relaxing video series that casually flips through Nintendo-related literature.

Mindless Mumblings

Mindless Mumblings is a collection of random video game mumblings from Josh.