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Camping Rusher In Real Life
Profile: TheCampingRusher
Twitter: @TheCampingRush
Facebook: N/A
Other Media: N/A
Style: Gaming
Date Joined: July 18, 2011
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 520,000+*
Videos: 1,700+
Schedule: 1-2 Videos Daily
Status: Active
Channel Trailer
Minecraft FACTION Server Lets Play - INTERRUPTING A RAID - Ep22:18

Minecraft FACTION Server Lets Play - INTERRUPTING A RAID - Ep. 290 ( Minecraft Factions PvP )

Most Viewed Video
Minecraft FACTION Server Lets Play - THE BEGINNING - Ep22:28

Minecraft FACTION Server Lets Play - THE BEGINNING - Ep. 1

Brayden Wheeler, also known as TheCampingRusher is a Canadian YouTuber who is a progressing Machinima commentator who records Minecraft.

He was lives in Pentiction, British Colombia and is a senior at Pentiction Secondary School.

He joined YouTube on July 18, 2011 and started his channel with a Minecraft let's play, which became more popular each episode.

His Minecraft skin is a cow in a suit wearing sunglasses. He decided to name his subscribers, "Rushers," because of the name, "TheCampingRusher,".

His friend, Ryan Blystone(ChildDolphin), used to play alongside TCR in many of his videos and they started a channel called, "CoupleOfStraightGuys," which was later dismissed because they didn’t have enough time to upload content to this channel. Ryan has recently been busy, and has not been in the videos.

TheCampingRusher has over 520,000 Subscribers so far, who support him on his videos by leaving likes and/or comments.He plays factions with RumbleCrumble and MrMitch361 which is TCR's most popular series on his channel, with over 530 episodes.

He is also a member of The Cube SMP server (a white listed, invite-only server created by Graser10 & StrauberryJam and is hosted by Mineplex). He Is Also The President of The Cube SMP. TCR had gotten to 21 episodes of Cube Evolution before the world reset happened. At this time, he hasn’t restarted this series yet.


- "It's our tradition"

- "I hope you enjoyed, and if you did. Touch that like button!"

- "Like that Touch Button!"

- "Hey, what's up guys!"

- "What're you doin'?!"

- "Geez, Louis!"

- "It's Rough Dude, Rough Like The Wood of a Bark Tree"

- "I'm just chopping down my wood!"

- "Bud!"

- "Hey Pal!"

- "Sail on sailor." *Sniffles*

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