TheDevilsInterval is a horror narration channel on YouTube. His channel focuses on true scary story compilations and creepypasta narrations.


TheDevilsInterval joined YouTube on March 16, 2016. He uploaded his first video, True Scary Stories: Volume 1 on March 17, 2016. Since then, he has uploaded mainly true scary story videos, although he has also uploaded a few creepypasta videos.

Since starting his channel, TheDevilsInterval has collaborated with a few other horror collaborators. Among them are Basement Horrors and Killer Orange Cat.

All of TheDevilsInterval's videos begin with creepy music and the same picture of a dog. Eventually, the dogs eyes black out while viewers hear an evil laugh along with the music. In his collaboration with Killer Orange Cat, TheDevilsInterval added Killer Orange Cat's mascot tabby cat Ichigo to the opening screen, blackening his eyes out as well.