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Christian Büttner or TheFatRat (born June 1, 1979 in Göttingen, Germany) is a German YouTube musician who makes Dance and Electronic music. Most of his music are available for free on Soundcloud. He currently has over 2 million subscribers.


Early Life

Büttner started playing the flute when he was four, and he began playing the piano at six.


His original career was a conductor, which he quit from later on as it was too uncreative, and he began to create music in 2001. At first, his only works were for background music on TV, radio and adverts and for ringtones, or were made for other artists and DJs. Then, under the name TheFatRat, he began releasing remixes and, from 2013, intensified his music.

Personal Life

He was born in Göttingen in Germany and has lived in Munich and Los Angeles, before he moved back near to Göttingen in 2013. He is married and has a daughter, as revealed in his face reveal video.

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