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Arthur "Art" James McDaniel (born on March 14, 1995 [age 23]), better known as TheGamerFromMars is a YouTube user who started out doing game reviews. His more recent content focuses on internet culture and the people who have helped either shape or magnify it.

The Gamer From Mars

TheGamerFromMars is his main series; it's a video game review internet show that has 143 episodes. (As of 7/15/2014.)


  1. Aqua Adventures
  2. Rocky and bullwinkle
  3. Pacman 2
  4. Urban Champions
  5. Nerf N-strike
  6. Batman and Batman Returns
  7. Populous
  8. The Ignition Factor
  9. Pokémon Snap
  10. Super Mario Sunshine
  11. Quad Desert Fury
  12. Donky Kong Classics
  13. Star Wars Rouge Leader
  14. Super Mario Land 1&2
  15. Totall Recal
  16. Pokémon Channel
  17. Alvin *& the chipmunks
  18. Razor Freestyle scooter
  19. Daytona USA
  20. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
  21. Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
  22. A Magical Quest Starring Micky Mouse
  23. Water Warfare
  24. Ice Climbers
  25. MarioKart Doubledash,double review

Top Ten Lists

He also does top five and ten lists. He has (as of June 11, 2011) 9 top five and ten lists.

  • Top ten worst names for games
  • Top ten Best atari games
  • Top ten gamer from mars moments of 2009
  • Top ten worst game covers
  • Top five best intellivison games
  • Top five worst intllivison games
  • Top ten characters that should be on the next super smash brothers game
  • Top ten gamer from mars moments of 2010
  • Top ten things to do with your old Pokémon tradeing cards
  • Top ten games that should die
  • Top ten cancelled games

Game Genie Adventures

On July 6,2011, TheGamerFromMars made a new series called "Game Genie Adventures." This show focuses on showing game genie hacks rather than reviews.


This is the list of episodes.

Episode Episode name Length Airdate Games
1 Super Mario World 3:04 July 6, 2011 Super mario world(SNES)


Back during some of his earlier videos, he had a website called But then he made a website called, and it is unknown if his older website is still up.

Internet Culture

Throughout 2015, his game reviews started to take a backseat to countdowns on the successes/failures that happen on various sites. Eventually, two shows developed out of this new interest, Internet Hall of Fame and Internet Mysteries.