Eric, also known as TheGamingGoose, is a YouTuber who's beena round since 2006, known for primarily making gaming videos, but also occasionally doing rants on certain topics that pisses him off, such as #WTFU (where's the fair use; he was against the "movement.)"  

Good Friends on YouTube

  1. Emer Prevost (Hellsing920)
  2. Big Al (Al)
  3. Asalieri (Eric)
  4. TheDarknessTheCurse  (Josh)
  5. Bluemagus (Danny)
  6. ThatSuperDuck (Duck)
  7. RandomDCE (Random)
  8. KariOokami (Kari)



Gaming Videos

Let's Plays
  1. Let's play Captain Silver NES AKA Powerblade 2
  1. Super Ghousts n' Ghouls Playthrough
  2. Darkwing Duck SNES Playthrough
  3. Joe and Mac 2 SNES Playthrough
  4. Mike Tyson's Punchout Playthrough
  5. The Amazing Princess Sarah Playthrough
  6. Whomp 'Em NES Playthrough
  7. Shovel Knight Playthrough
  8. The Evil Within PC Playthrough
  1. Fallout 4 LIVESTREAM
Other Gaming Videos
  1. Overwatch

Other Notable Videos

  1. Vlogs
  2. Rants