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Brad Leman (born October 29, 1996 (1996-10-29) [age 20]), known by his YouTube channel TheGamingLemon, is a popular British YouTuber known for his gaming videos including GTA. He went to Weydon School with fellow Youtuber Slogoman. He directed and co-wrote a YouTube show called Jeffery Hibbons Starring Max Taylor.

● GTA V and IV: Mods! - The most popular series, where he showcases various different mods available to download on GTA 4, showing all the funny moments that happen in the recordings.

SUPERHUMAN CAPABILITIES: TheGamingLemon seems to have superpowers when he gets angry. His eyes seem to glow red, and he lashes out and wrecks everything in sight. Despite this, he seems to be able to control his anger, but this is probably because he's with James a lot, and James is not a very happy man. James swears a lot at Brad 'TheGamingLemon'. When James really, really annoys Brad, Brad seems to take a greenish super mutant look, but not just his looks get affected; when he turns into This greenish being, (which he calls the Hulk), he seems to possess increased speed, jump height, and strength. His only known disadvantage, however, is that when he tries to give citizens of Liberty City hugs, they explode.

Other series include GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, Far Cry 3, The Sims 4 and much more. Many people thinks he really is experienced in all the videos. Occasionally he takes breaks a couple of weeks - sometimes months.


GTA 4 Back To The Future Mod! - (Funny Moments w Mods)21:59

GTA 4 Back To The Future Mod! - (Funny Moments w Mods)

1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS - Best of TheGamingLemon Montage! - GIVEAWAY-029:50

1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS - Best of TheGamingLemon Montage! - GIVEAWAY-0

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