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TheGirlFromAus (AKA Off Limits TheGirlFromAus or just Aus) is a Australian Youtuber from Hobart Tasmania Australia. she is most known for her emotionally invested montages where it involves clips of her reactions to games which is usually Aus bursting into tears, getting pissed off or becoming completely grossed out.

Aus's persona is reflected through this showing actual over the top emotion which cannot be disguised as acting. Aus also add's a human touch to her videos when she stops to tell her bird to be quiet or has to interact with her cat who won't leave her be (categorically signs of a bad lets play but it seems to make it more real).


Aus Focus's on Horror games more than anything her most recent one being until dawn but as of January 2016 her computer card has crashed and is focusing on games such as the witcher and mass effect (she started mass effect in her earlier 500+ sub stage but completely forgot about it) she is placing her play through of pc games on hold until her new computer card comes in to continue south park: the stick of truth as of which she mainly focuses on PS4/3 games.


many personal details haven't been shown but she does open up a fair bit more during her ausvlogs series which is one of her more popular series aside from gaming which unlike most vlogs which show the said youtuber traveling or doing something else is aus sitting down to talk about what is going on in her life. aus attempts to go for a friendship group way of commentating rather than individualizing or just completely grouping the viewers as a bunch she is know for trying to message and interact in the comments as much as possible along with Aus's mail bag where she receives gift from her fans.


Aus's commentary style uses coarse language but Aus attempts to change the wording for instance "Ow that hurt like a mother trucker "-the last of us ep 15 (0:54) but will swear in some other area's like a typical Australian.