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Haris Sohail (Born October 16, 2000 (2000-10-16) [age 17]) is an Indian gaming YouTuber also known as TheHarisShow.

This name was not chosen by Haris, however, a friend of Haris' called CrafterMisha. CrafterMisha had dared Haris to name his channel TheHarisShow.

TheHarisShow has started to add a lot of variety to his channel from Survival Games (Minecraft), Pixelmon (Minecraft), HearthStone, and Shoutouts(CSGO).

TheHarisShow in his spare time does wrestling and hopes to make Varsity.


-Hellooooo Everbodyyyy and welcome back tooooo another Minecraft Video

-Itz your boyzzzzzzzzz (spelt wrong on purpose)

-I like doggies, I like cats, I like Mickey Mouse in my pants