Kyle McNeil (born September 20, 1992 (1992-09-20) [age 25]) Known as TheKingNappy or Nappy, and his other channels NappyTheGreat and NappySpeaks, is an American YouTube Gamer from Arizona.


He is a well known YouTuber in the Pokemon community, specifically his most popular series "Pokemon Soul Link Randomzied Nuzlocke," with his good buddy ShadyPenguinn. He also has a livestream on Twitch every saturday night called "Saturday Night Primetime," with his group of friends, of which include: hi im twit, NumbNexus, TheHeatedMo, NintendoDecoder, PKSparkxx, SacredFireNegro, SensationalGP, JayYTGamer, cuddleofdeath, and VegasJaime. Nappy created his channel on June 23, 2011. His first video was uploaded on April 26, 2012, and is part 1 of his MiNi Ninjas Let's Play series. He started uploading Pokemon videos on September 3, 2012, and was part 1 of his Pokemon Sapphire Let's play series. His most popular video was called "BATTLE OF LEGENDS - Mewtwo, Ho-oh, and Groudon vs. Mew, Lugia, and Kyogre [TPP BR Donation Match]" and accumulated around 870,000 views as of March 5, 2017.