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WjLohmemes (A.K.A. Billy Joel Lohmemes (born June 7, 1999 (1999-06-07) [age 19]) is an American YouTuber. So far there is little information about him other than joy of making what he calls "Art." 


His first apperance dates back 2011 in a short video where he is shown playing Battlefront 2. It was on an old channel he used to own but deleted later on. His original video was later archived on his Vimeo account.

My first ever video

My first ever video. 2011


In June of 2013 he started up another channel under the name TheLohmanGames (in which he would change to wjLohmemes later on.) The first videos he uploaded on there was of Minecraft Let’s Play and Happy Wheels with one of his classmates, which he would only get about 1-15 views a video. His first sucessful upload was "Steve kills Jason the egg." Which got 3000 views in his first year. The video is know for bad audio, bad quality and random Dog growls. The video is one of his most disliked video to date.

The south will rise again-0

The south will rise again-0