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TheLohmanGames (A.K.A. Joel W. Lohman (Born June 07, 1999)) is an Independent Michigan Youtuber that is currently working on Gameplay (Done with) and video where he messes around with other videos.

He started his Channel in June of 2013, and so far has over 1,800 Subscribers. Most of his Earlier video consist of him playing Minecraft with some of his friends from school.

His rise of Popularity began on Sept. 6 of 2014 when he upload a short animation of the recent popular game Five Nights at Freddy's. After this video was upload, the recognition of his channel of his channel start growing.

In 2015, video maker slowed done a bit as he start making less and less videos. Most of his video now are being uploaded Once-Twice a month. To this day he has over Two Hundred Twenty videos uploaded.

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