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The Minebox is a British YouTuber who makes Minecraft machinimas. During the time, he was first known as "FireHazardHobo", which was his original IGN in Minecraft. He later changed it to "The Minebox", so his name would be memorable to viewers. He does all his videos by himself; using a second account to act in his videos, creating his own music and editing his videos. When he first started creating videos, they were relatively short, ranging from 1 minute to 2/3 minutes at most. He did work with other YouTubers such as GameplayerHD, ExplodingTNT and BucketPlanks, and hosts his own Minecraft server, which he would ask his fans to star in his videos if need be. Beside of a few videos, he kept his videos mostly all actions for comedy, rather than using voice actors or text dialog.

Over the course of time, The Minebox eventually started to make his videos more lengthy, starting from 3 minutes, to 6 minutes. He also started to use text dialog for his characters. He has a second actor helping a long side with The Minebox. He has achieved over 190 million views in total and continues to rise.


  • In The Minebox's videos, he has a recurring character. This character is The Minebox's official skin, and has appeared in almost all his videos until July 2014, where he suddenly stopped using the character in future videos. It's unexplained why.
  • His most commonly used theme and character is Herobrine. Eight of his most viewed and popular videos are all Herobrine videos, the highest being If Herobrine Played Five Nights At Freddy's with over 18.9 million views.