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Christopher "Chris" James Rush, know as TheNewStoryteller, is Australian YouTuber.


Chris created his channel on 26 July 2008. On his channel he have more than 5400 videos. Most of his videos are about Thomas the Tank Engine. In his videos he recording himself reading Thomas the Tank Engine story dialogues along with other stories and he recording his toys moving around. Some of his videos are from the 1980's, he says so in some of his video descriptions.

A lot of YouTubers made a video where they says that this channel is really creepy, like Mr. Nightmare in his video "5 of the WEIRDEST and Most DISTURBING YouTube Channels". Also, in videos he talks really strange. The reason he talks like that is because of his stroke.


  • He lives on Tasmania, Australia.
  • He likes trains a lot.
  • He had a stroke.

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