Have A Super Fantastic Awesome Splended Amazing Day!


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Veneshia Monique Peoples, better known on YouTube as TheQuxxn, was a gaming Youtuber most famous for her Let's Play's on Sims games. 


Her first motto before the famous Live Beyond Cloud Nine was Live Love Games, also under her original username, Quxxn. Eventually, her YouTube name was later changed to TheQuxxn then Live Beyond Cloud Nine, her famous motto, was created.


In June 2013, TheQuxxn needed emergency surgery due to a sudden infection in her lungs. On July 20, 2013, her sister confirmed that the surgery had failed, and that TheQuxxn had passed away. Many fans were strongly affected by this loss. The channel is now run by TheQuxxn's sister, Alicia. Alicia currently has 2 channels her main channel "Moonsgaze" or "MadMalice" and "TheAyeList" where she does videos with her close friends @ThatSoAkase and @LunaSenpai.


After word broke about TheQuxxn's passing simmers decided to celebrate her life and created a day called Quxxnday and is celebrated every July 22, on Twitter and on Numerous platforms as for all social media is ran by one of Alicia's Friends @thepinkplumbob or known by her old @names "Kiki Quxxnday"


  • "Have a super fantastic awesome splended amazing day!" (ending a video)