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Peter Byrne (born August 23, 1992), who is known as "TheRazoredEdge" on YouTube and social media is a gaming content creator from the Republic of Ireland. People who get to know him almost always end up calling him "Pete". He is mostly known for his content on the Gears of War franchise. Pete has been part of multiple communities, teams and organizations, such as; TheControlBase, KaoticHq, cinemaF5VE and Hypefestation. He now currently runs the most successful Gears of War community channel on YouTube known as "GearsClipoftheDay".

His channel is a mix of super entertaining live commentaries and funny moment compilations with clever editing. He can even get serious and make videos showing off his amazing gameplay (Montages) when he wants to.

Here are some examples of his videos:

  1. Gears of War Montage Trailer
  2. Outplayed (Episode 1)
  3. Don't mess with Dancing Theron
  4. IT'S A TRAP!
  5. DESTROYING Trolls in OSOK