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 Jacob Vibert born (October 21, 2007)  known on YouTube as TheRecongerald is a British youtuber who does videos exclusively on video games. With over 4500 subscribers the channel has relatively small audience, but the quality and size of his channel is professional considering he is far younger than the average youtuber. He is known to play tiny variety of games, but most commonly does Minecraft which is what he is most known for. His more recent videos include games like Minecraft, minecraft and Minecraft: Xbox edition. He is known to connect with fans more than most other youtubers due to his small audience. 


Jacob made his YouTube channel when he was 15 years old. His voice was completely different back then and his quality wasn't as good as it has become now. He has always done commentary since he started his channel. Jacob has risen gradually throughout his years on YouTube and reached 20,000 subscribers in May 2016. His peak subscriber account is 22,768 as of June 2016. He has frequently had the same group of friends that he knew in real life in his videos.


Jacob films primarily video games on PC and Xbox systems. His most popular video is video where he talked about the worst gaming channels on YouTube. More recently he has been trying to integrate a variety of games, including Neverwinter, Skyrim and Minecraft: Story Mode. He tries to upload a few videos each week and is currently unable to do videos daily due to currently being at college. He is known to have taken a few long breaks in the past, lasting for about 2 months maximum.


  • Jacob is yet to reveal his face on his YouTube channel to the public.
  • His videos were predominantly minecraft based but has not made any more since August 2014.

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