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Aaron LaRocque better known as his YouTube username, TheReviewSpot is a Canadian YouTuber that specializes in review-style videos. He is primarily known for his reviews for "Collectible Spot", and "Spooky Spot". Aaron also has over 130,000+ subscribers.

Collectible Spot

In Collectible Spot, Aaron reviews and opens collectible toys and showcases/talks about them. Some examples of past Collectible Spots are: "Funko Horror Classics Mystery Minis", "Hot Toys The Dark Knight Joker" and "Hot Toys Back To The Future Marty McFly".

Spooky Spot

In TheReviewSpot's "Spooky Spot" series, he unboxes Halloween themed items all throughout October on his YouTube channel. Some videos in the Spooky Spot series are: "McDonald's 1998 Halloween Happy Meal Toys", "Frankenberry Cereal", "Halloween Oreo Cookies", and more.

Face Reveal

Ever since the beginning of his YouTube channel, fans were wondering what Aaron's face looked like for many years, and on April 5, 2016, he revealed his face on his YouTube channel.


TheReviewSpot Face Reveal