TheRomerXX is a YouTuber from the Phillipines who is known for making AMV's, (Anime Music Videos or Animated Music Videos), and has done so since 2012.  


List of AMV's

  1. UKWXP: Extreme Versus FULL BOOST RE *trailer*
  2. UKWXP+Full BOOST MOD [Gundam Dynames]
  3. A tribute for the GOUF
  4. Project Black Meteor: Gundam Arios (Trans-Am) BETA
  5. Gundam Seed C.E. 73 Stargazer AMV-NOIR
  6. Attack on Titan - Forsaken [AMV]
  7. ATTACK on TITAN AMV - Dance with the Devil
  8. Annie's Downfall - ATTACK on TITAN [AMV]
  9. Attack on TITAN AMV Phoenix
  10. REKING BO! (Attack on Titan - Wrecking Ball)
  11. Gundam 00 - War Of Change [AMV]
  12. [PRE]AMV-Gundam Unicorn - A light that never comes [AMV]
  13. Gundam Unicorn - Who Will Save You Now [AMV]
  14. TOKYO GHOUL - Perfect [AMV]
  15. TOKYO GHOUL AMV Preview
  16. FATE/Stay Night - My Demons [AMV]
  17. Tokyo Ghoul √A - Centuries [AMV] PV1

List of Animations Used in AMV's

List of Animes Used in AMV's
  1. Gundam:  The 08th MS Team
  2. Tokyo Ghoul
  3. Tokyo Ghoul Root A
  4. Fate/stay night
  5. Fate/stay night:  Unlimited Blade Works TV
  6. Gundam Unicorn
  7. Gundam 00
  8. Attack on Titan
List of Games Used in AMV's
  1. Fate/stay night:  Heaven's Feel


External Links

  1. Deviant Art

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