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Patrick Smith, known on YouTube as TheSmithPlays, is a Canadian YouTuber who is most known for playing Call of Duty: Black Ops III, in the Zombie mode.


He is also known for making Call of Duty Zombies content, like the Top 5 lists for Zombies, as these sort of videos are very popular. He never plays other games in YouTube videos and only makes podcasts, challenge videos, guides, vlogs, and top 5 lists in addition to gameplay videos. He makes content similar to multiple YouTubers like MrTLexify and CH33SY x N1PS.

Early Years:

Pat was born in Truro Nova Scotia on October 30th, 1995


  • Pat has stated a few times in his videos that the PPSH-41 is his favourite weapon in Call of Duty Zombies.
  • Is a big fan of the English rock band Pink Floyd.

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