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What's up, bro, it's Spinnia.

―TheSpinnia's usual greeting to the viewers.

TheSpinia (real name Drago) is a Bulgarian TouTuber who joined on May 31, 2011 and has been uploading videos ever since. He's one of the most active bulgarian channels on the site. He does 2 videos a day, which can be compared to other famous YouTubers. He likes to play Minecraft, BoI: Rebirth and Skyrim.

He is one of the four channels that are part of the category "Bulgarian Youtubers". The others are Bodil40, ItsZerop and Tw1s7Gaming in order of subscriber count. He's one of the three of the same category who speaks english during commentary, the exception is ItsZerop who speaks bulgarian. TheSpinia once uploaded random GTA videos & walktrough videos, but have since started commentating too.


The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

A newly started series, contains on 9 uploads, contains him exploring the hidden dungeons, defeating endless monsters, collecting amazing items, using them to defeat bosses and more. It has currently impressed his fanbase. The playlist can no longer be found.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The longest series so far, a total of more than 200 videos, they're the favorite of his community. He received many positive responses, and he kept making these videos, they contain him, in the world of Skyrim completing quests, fighting enemies and etc. The playlist can be found here .


TheSpinnia records Minecraft videos onto his private server, DolusCraft, 1.8, and he records with his friends, he also made a video part of this playlist for his 1k subscriber milestone. The playlist can be found here .