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TheUltimateGamerEver is a known YouTuber as of today. No one knows what he looks like except for his friends in real life.The only thing that we know about him is what he sounds like. We don't even know his age, where he lives, his appearance, or even his birthday... He did mention on Twitter that "I don't want random people to know a lot about me." He did mention in his "2,000 subscribers Thank You!" Video, that he will NEVER show his face in his entire lifetime, even if he's famous.

TheUltimateGamerEver plays all sorts of games. From PC games to iOS games. From Minecraft PC to Minecraft Pocket Edition. He also puts in some other games that not many people know about. Some of them are "Stay Alight!", "Block Fortress", and some other games. His most famous lets play is "Survival Craft Lets Play!.


In the beginning of "TheUltimateGamerEver's" channel he only uploaded Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 videos. Later on he started making "Bloons Tower Defense 5" videos, where he did the Daily Challenges to help people that can't do it. Then he didn't post a video for over 3 months and left a message saying "Having Fun For The Summer :P". A few months later he posted a video of Minecraft Pocket Edition thus starting his YouTube channel. He ONLY made Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds videos and not commentary. He then made a video called "Eden World Builder" In July 2012, TheUltimateGamerEver made worlds for a game called "Eden World Builder." He made all types of worlds from "Underground Club Version 5" to his "Extreme Parkour World" ( which is now called as "Ultimate Parkour.") In November 2012 he released a few trailers about a new world he made in Eden World Builder called... "The Ultimate RollerCoaster." He released his new world on New Years Eve 2012. Since then he never made another Eden World Builder video... He did mention in his 2013 Channel Trailer that "New Worlds & World Updates are coming for his worlds on Eden World Builder," neither of those happened as of today.

Interestning Fact

TheUltimateGamerEver doesn't just play games, he also makes some music. His genre in making music is "Electronic". His first song he ever made was called "Techno Blast." He also made some other songs in the same genre. As of right now, we do not know what he uses to make his songs. Except he made his Halloween song "The Night" on computer and again we don't know what he used to make it. He also makes his own outro/videos music.

His YouTube goal for 2013 is to get 1,000 subscribers. He accomplished this over the summer. He did made a "Thank You For 1,000 Subscribers!" video, but we don't know what will it be yet. As of today it did not came out.

He did say on Twitter and posted a video about a upcoming Minecraft Pocket Edition adventure map, called "The Workers Revenge!" He tried to do beta testing in early August, but it did not start. He said that the beta testing will start early next year, and hopefully releasing the full version of the map by Spring.