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Joey Byzinger (born on September 28, 1994 (1994-09-28) [age 23]), known on YouTube as The Anime Man, is a half-Japanese and half-Australian YouTuber who makes videos about anime and gaming related topics. He is good friends with fellow YouTubers, Einshine and Soul Animation and they have appeared in each other's videos. He is currently dating YouTuber Akidearest and has also collaborated with Lost Pause (Noble) and Misty/Chronexia (Misty). He is the most subscribed person in the anime YouTube community.

Good Friends on YouTube

Personal Life

Joey was born in Australia in 1994. His mother is Japanese and his father is Hungarian. Joey was raised in Australia but often visited Japan. Due to his upbringing, he can speak fluent Japanese. In May 2016, he moved to Japan where he is living by himself after moving out from Einshine and Kat. He considers himself an Otaku and is 5'11.


  • "What if all rocks are soft but they just tense up when we get near them because they got noticed by senpai? OK, goodnight." Retrieved from Twitter
  • "If this motherf*cker was any denser he'd be on the periodic table." Retrieved from YouTube
  • "I have to do this. For my people, for my family, for my dignity!" Cat Mario (2014)
  • "Gahdamnit, Shrek..." Mad Father series and Misao series.
  • "Get in my fragile area."  
  • "I'm stuck on all fours."  
  • "Grab that dick, dammit."  
  • "Grab that fucking goat, dammit."  
  • "Grab that ass."  
  • *indecipherable noises*
  • "Kawaii in the streets, senpai in the sheets."
  • "It's not pedophelia if it's in Japan."  
  • "All the boobs are blending together, they're just becoming one big boob."  
  • "I'm not gay, I'm just okay with kissing dudes."  
  • "Chest on my nuts, I'm on fire." The Whisper Challenge: Anime Edition!
  • "I poured hentai in Troy."
  • "What are the chances of my momma being here?"
  • "There's no way to take a sh*t."
  • "I want to spank and spank you like a torn love child...?"
  • "I want you to rub me like sleepy."
  • "I'm not a queer, you. I like anime, you queer you." ANIME WHISPER CHALLENGE (by akidearest)
  • "I was alone in my butt... But it was okay, I was there!"
  • "You will ram my Swedish."
  • "I can be the tsundere to your tentacle hentai... Cheerio!"
  • "All your pubes are on us."
  • "JUST PUT IT IN!!!"
  • "Stretch out that buttthole while I make the salmon roe."