This channel was created on December 25, 2011 as "CeilingFanVideosOnYT", by a ceiling fan collector who likes to remain anonymous. In late 2012, "The Channel of Random Ceiling Fans" came up as channel title while username was still "CeilingFanVideosOnYT". And in 2013, when Google+ made him make the username same as channel title in order to post comments, he changed his username to "The Channel of Random Ceiling Fans", but "CeilingFanVideosOnYT" is still a permanent URL username. In 3/31/2018, he changed his username to Random Ceiling Fans 2011, 2011 part stands for the year that his channel was created in on Christmas day on 12/25/2011 but it was an April Fools prank, his username was reverted to The Channel Of Random Ceiling Fans in 4/1/2018.

This channel is subscribed by Big Ass Fans on February 21, 2013, Hunter Fan Company on August 9th, 2013, and some other fan businesses. Its 500th subscriber was Martin Carena-Santiago which was back in March 17, 2015.

About the owner

He first found a ceiling fan video on YouTube in 2007, and he enjoyed watching ceiling fan videos and eventually, he thought he should have his own channel and make his own ceiling fan videos. He loves ceiling fans in his whole life. He saw other people collecting ceiling fans, and thought he should be a collector himself. And he has saved 7 Ceiling Fans from a house that is now demolished in 2014, which is a Hunter Triomphe, Infiniti, 2 Kensington/Impreesions, Hampton Bay Alchemy and 2 Minuet II, and got some other Ceiling Fans (like his first Casablanca Fan which is the Delta II in Bright Brass from 1992 that came with an LCA and not the original Recalled Ribbed Hang-Tru). Most of the ceiling fans in his collection are in storage.

About this channel

That guy takes videos of ceiling fans in his collection, and sighted ceiling fans, mostly in USA but sometimes in Canada. He tries to show fans on all speeds on downdraft direction, and sometimes both directions if it would spin on different speeds on reverse. He takes videos of ceiling fans of all kinds that he would find. He is usually responsive to YouTube comments and messages, and welcomes all subscribers of all ages. He put closed captioning on his videos whenever he talks.

This channel is a bad language free channel. The owner has video comments and channel comments set to approval only, and only approves good languages, therefore no bad languages appear on video comments, so this channel would be safe for people of all ages.