"I'm quite a common problem on servers

―Chronic GTA Online Trolling #19

The Chronic Gamer, Also known as "Chronic" Is an American YouTuber Who uploads gaming videos usually consisting of "trolling" or "Griefing" gaming servers. He created his account April 17 2016, But uploaded his first video April 24 2016. He is known for his distinct voice, And sending his fans to "Troll" on servers.


Chronic refers to himself as the master of his Subscribers (Minions). He is Friends with several other "Trolling" Youtubers within the GMod community. He started his popularity mostly playing Garry's Mod but occasionally plays other games  such as GTA 5 Online or ARK Survivle evolved. He also frequently streams on a variety of games. Chronic is known for his association with "Weed." Chronic is well known within the GMod community as a "Destroyer of servers", While recording videos Chronic sometimes tells his fans, or "Minions" too attack a server and ruin it. He has been known to ruin multiple roleplay servers due too this.


Chronic's Community is extremely active, Whilst small many of the members attend all the streams and participate in Discord. Chronic takes lot's of time too interract with his community, Whitch contributed too his rapid subscriber gain.


0 Subs - 4/24/16 - 0 - Views (First Video)
100 Subs - 7/23/16 - 5,840 views
250 Subs - 8/20/16 - 19,347 views
500 Subs - 8/31/16 - 37,514 views 
1000 Subs - 9/8/16 - 73,254 views
2500 Subs - 10/22/16 - 249,342 views
5000 Subs - 12/14/16 - 566,964 views
10000 Subs - 2/22/17 - 1,257,902 views