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Creature Carl for King!
Creature Carl, the 'mascot' of the Creatures
Profile: thecreaturehub
Twitter: @CreatureHub
Facebook: The Creatures
Other Media: Soundcloud


Style: Gaming
Date Joined: April 6, 2011
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 1 Million+*
Videos: 1000+
Schedule: 1 to 2 videos per day
Status: Active
Channel Trailer
Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer Parody05:31

Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer Parody

Most Viewed Video
Seamus gets a Midnight Snack01:55

Seamus gets a Midnight Snack

TheCreatureHub is a group, and a business, created by a small group of YouTube commentators and Machinima makers.


Current Creatures

Past Creatures

Debatable Creatures

These are members of the group still labeled as Creatures, but they don't have their own subforums on their website, they don't work regularly at the office, and they don't regularly play games with The Creatures any more.




People who have helped/appeared in a video on the Creature Hub channel but are not offically Creatures.

Creature Talk

People who made guest or regular appearances. Most were before the group became a business.


The Creatures met each-other through various sources, but mostly through the Creatures Sp00n and Kootra, as well as through being on the Machinima Directors Program together. They started out as friends, then progressed on to making machinima and let's play together, and finally formed 'The Creatures'.

The term 'Creature' originates from Call of Duty 4, where one would go prone and tap the switch weapon key which would result with a humorous movement of the player, who they dubbed "The Creature Crawl". The Term was created by Kootra and Ze and was used to describe their friends.


Today, 'The Creatures' is a legitimate business. Most of the live in their own apartments. They upload regular videos to their main channel, TheCreatureHub, as well as their own individual channels, run a website with a popular forum, and host a weekly podcast called Creature Talk, which is hosted every Saturday evening. The Creatures usually attend movie nights every once in a while. They now have a series called "The Hub" which updates everyone on whats going on in the office and fellow creatures channels.



Creature Carl, original Creature mascot.


Creature Carl is the Creatures' first mascot, and, according to Kootra "He is THE Creature", and is classified as a Sloth/Rabbit thing with a big bushy tail. The first image of Creature Carl was a drawing done by UberHaxorNova based on Kootra's ideas.


Coby, the newest Creature mascot.

Creature Carl was crowned King of the Web 1st of December 2011, winning the Creatures $7,500.


During the first 24 hour livestream, the Creatures announced that they would release a new mascot if they reached the $3,000 milestone. It was achieved at 8:23 PM, Eastern Time, and Coby was unveiled.

Coby is a marsupial with fur and other badger/mole type features. It's also notable that he is a male with a pouch, much like a seahorse.


Creature Craig is the 3rd and a half Creature Mascot, and was revealed on Creature Talk Special Ep 100 on April 26th, 2014.  The new Mascot was designed by Ze. He was named by Dan. According to James, Craig is "grotesque". According to Seamus, Craig is "either a long potato or a dick".

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