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―The D-Pad slogan

The D-Pad is an American YouTube channel founded in 2011 by Rick Desilets, John Selig, and C/J Haley. Initially called The D-Pad Let's Play as a spinoff from the weekly web radio show The D-Pad, it quickly took over as the main focus of the team. It began to gain notoriety in 2013 after producing The Legendary Let's Play, and has since produced over 4000 videos across over 250 games spanning 1200 hours of content, celebrating their 2500th video milestone with a blind one-off episode of No Man's Sky. The channel has over 7700 subscribers and over 2 million views.


"Mining Beam Violence on Doobie Major" - 2500th Let's Play Special - No Man's Sky - The D-Pad01:20:09

"Mining Beam Violence on Doobie Major" - 2500th Let's Play Special - No Man's Sky - The D-Pad

The D-Pad's 2500th Let's Play video

The Team

Prominent team members throughout the channel's history include:

Active Members

  • Rick Desilets
  • John Selig
  • Ben Mooney
  • Lindsay Gibbons
  • Chris "C/J" Haley
  • Felice Lopez
  • Mike Sanchez

Inactive Members

  • Nick Bebel
  • Ian Selig
  • Dustin Deren
  • Carolyn Walcott
  • Meg Zaremba
  • Sarah Fischer

Franchise Plays

The Legendary Let's Play (2013 - 2014)

The Mega Let's Play (2015 - present)

The Dreamy Let's Play (2016 - present)

The Super Sonic Let's Play (2016 - present)

Other Let's Play series

Sonic Week (2011)

Let's Predict the Super Bowl (2012 - present)

Pokémon Rivals (2012 - present)

The Chzo Mythos (2014)

Ninety Minute Nails (2015)

The Empty Video Game Nerd (2015)

The Fright Before Christmas (2015)

Non-Let's Play series

R-Rated (2014)

Seriesly (2015 - present)

D-Pad + Chill (2016 - present)

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