The Dank is a terminated Australian Youtuber who had over 500 subscribers. He posted daily dank memes and videos.


By April  2017, The Dank had reached 400 subscribers. His videos were gaining a large amount of views and he began growing rapidly. It was then later revealed that The Dank had heavily sub4subbed and Youtube removed nearly 350 subscribers from his channel. Later that week, most of The Danks videos had been taken down from Youtube. The Dank then decided to delete his channel after he discovered it was heading for termination. 

2nd Channels

After The Danks termination, he made a new channel, called The Dank Sounds, where he posted meme music and sounds. He then created 2 more channels, one called The Dank Music, where he would post his own created music. His final channel to be created was a reboot of The Dank. In July 2017, all these channels were terminated for an unknown reason


- The only video left of The Dank is in a livestream of Terraria. This can be found on his friends channel, Albietroz.

- The Dank has made a statement that he will not return to YouTube, although some users believe that he may return.

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