The Fear is a Scottish YouTuber who does horror narrations. He has done both creepypasta and true scary story narrations on his channel.


The Fear uploaded his first video, a narration of the anonymously written creepypasta "I'll Be Waiting" on May 10, 2015. For several months, all of his videos were creepypasta narrations but on Halloween 2015, The Fear uploaded his first video of true scary stories titled simply "8 True Creepy Stories." Since then, he has continuously uploaded many videos from both sources.

The Fear has collaborated with many other horror narrators on Youtube, including Killer Orange Cat, KingSpook, Basement Horrors and Brothers Jackson Videos.


Not much is known about The Fear's personal life, including his name and his age. He has mentioned that he is from Paisley, Scotland (which he claims is like Glasgow but it has more junkies).

The Fear is noted among his peers and subscribers for his sense of humor, however. He adds a bit of humor to most of his videos, some which may be considered slightly raunchy at times. Occasionally he will put an amusing disclaimer in his video description. Some examples:

  • There is a fine line between what is, and what isn't acceptable in today's society... Only I can blur that line for the sake of getting justice... and hookers.
  • I may have been involved in a few of these, luckily there's no evidence to implicate me... apart from some "DNA" on the pizzas... but I doubt they'll find that.
  • Prepare yourself for another terrifying creepypasta, let the fear seep in and chill you to your very core, allow the horror take hold of your being and let it send you into a pit of utter terror... Enjoy.
  • Honest to Allah that guy from the first one wasn't me... Okay fine it was, but I'm not proud of it!