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Chris Bores (born in 1978) mostly known as The Irate Gamer is a gaming YouTuber. He makes very similar videos to The Angry Video Game Nerd', being that every review Chris has posted that the AVGN has posted, he has posted it later. Many fans deem this as "copying" the AVGN. A point of much controversy among fans.


The Irate Gamer is a video game review series. The titular Gamer is a foul-mouthed video game fanatic.


Despite usually receiving more likes than dislikes, the show has received a negative response from many fans (of very well-respected/popular YouTubers such as the Angry Video Game Nerd) and IMDb critics who claim that Bores plagiarized James Rolfe's style. However, James Rolfe says that anyone who is called a rip-off of the AVGN is not a rip-off.

People also have posted videos of the Irate Gamer private messaging them rude messages in return to simple conversation that doesn't appear to be of rude intention. This topic has been covered, and Chris Exposed, by TheArchfiend, and utuber337.

It's debated whether or not the Irate Gamer said these things, but there is evidence against him that provoke thought.

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