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Joshua Ovenshire (born May 18, 1987 (1987-05-18) [age 31]), known on YouTube as TheJovenshire, is one of the six hosts of SmoshGames. He was a former host on Clevver Games and Mahalo Games alongside Lasercorn & Sohinki. Joven was also a competitor on the first season of the TBS show "King of the Nerds", which aired on January 17, 2013. He ended up coming in 7th place on the show. As of January 17, 2013, Joven started uploading his own YouTube videos on his own channel every Wednesday.


  • Jovenshire's channel is mainly known for his vlogs revealing backstory on both himself and the other Smosh Games members and his Bad Motivators, a review show hosted by Joven and LeoZombie in which they analyse video games, movies, and other geeky topics.
  • Some of the Smosh Games crew members have been seen in his videos. Mari was featured in a prank video titled, "I SCARE THE SH*T OUT OF MARI," and Lasercorn and Sohinki have been in one or two videos, mostly in the background or off camera.
  • His channel currently has 320,000+ subscribers, the third most out of all the Smosh Games personal channels.
  • Joven broke his losing streak on a Game Bang entitled "Bubble Gum Beatbox" on April 10, 2015.