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The Marine is a young man who is a soldier serving the United States of America. On his channel are mainly videos of different armed forces, original shots of battles and wars, and tutorials of firearms.


The channel was founded on March 8, 2012. The first video appeared however only on May 23, 2014.


The "Tore in FIFA 14 " (Goals in FIFA 14) program was launched in 2014, but this was not successful and was discontinued one year later.


On November 11, 2016 came the idea to bring out videos about armed forces. The idea was finally realized on November 12, 2016, and on the same day a video about the US Armed Forces was released, which gained instant popularity. This man was so inspired that he released 2 videos the following day, which also gained great popularity. Since this day, new videos have been released on this channel.


Provisional start of original videos from battles or wars.