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No deodorant, no shoes, no problem.

―The No Deo Duo

The No Deo Duo is a comedy, sports, and entertainment channel starring two best friends, T-Wrex and Primal Instinks, and featuring their tight-knit crew of friends.

It began as a personal hobby and an artistic outlet to share the good times the two had together since becoming roommates, as well as a social networking alternative to outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which the duo shared a distaste for. Once their home videos began gaining attention from loyal fans asking for more, the two expanded the channel to be a more diverse, innovative collection of athletic competition, satirical comedy, and eccentric entertainment.

Their personal taste in content reflects their mutual interests and inspirations, including the zany antics of MTV's Jackass crew, the strange humor in cartoons such as Ren and Stimpy, the comedy skits of YouTube acts like Smosh, and the parody and satire found in some of their favorite shows, such as Futurama and South Park. The use of animals with stereotypical qualities (ie smelly rat, stompy dinosaur) was inspired by TV shows like Rocko's Modern Life and BoJack Horseman.

Though YouTube lists their channel creation date as January 9th, 2016, the No Deo Duo brand was originally created in October of 2015. On September 18th, 2016, the channel reached a milestone of 1,000 subscribers. On June 22nd, 2017, the channel grew to 2,000 subscribers, and on January 18th, 2018, it gained 3,000.

Their slogan "no shoes, no deodorant, no problem" is a parody of the "no shirt, no shoes, no service" signs commonly found on the front doors of businesses.


No deo duo 3k chair

Primal Instinks (left) and T-Wrex (right) vlogging.

The channel is organized in titled playlists which are updated on a regular basis. All videos are filmed from a comedic/entertaining standpoint, and generally include instances of banter, parody, and satire. The comedy skits utilize retroscripting, where a plot is thought up and the dialogue is improvised on the spot.

In some instances, the duo film dramatizations of scary scenarios, such as drowning in their backyard swimming pool.

According to the official channel description, the content categories include comedy (parody, satire, banter), athletic competition (boxing, breath holding contests, weight lifting, wrestling), and eccentric entertainment (stompdown videos, barefoot and deodorant-free living).

The No Deo Duo Sho

The no deo duo pokemon parody

The thumbnail for the "Trainer T-Wrex Used STINKPIT" comedy skit.

The main outlet for the channel is "The No Deo Duo Sho," which is a playlist of original comedy skits thought up by the two friends. As their channel name suggests, a center theme of their comedy revolves around the unconventional fact that neither of them uses deodorant. As a result, they're sometimes seen subjecting each other to body odor in the spirit of this eccentric humor in the form of a gag they call the "stinkpit."

The duo are also known to utilize self-deprecating humor, as is exemplified in the "Primal Instinks the Unwashed Rat" video, or the "If Neighbors See Us Filming" skit, where T-Wrex plays a neighbor who happens to see the duo filming one of their stompdown videos in their backyard and reacts accordingly.

"The No Deo Duo Sho" is the duo's favorite playlist, as it contains original comedy skits and unique ideas thought up by the two of them working together as a result of their mutual media interests and inspirations.

Stompy Stompy Joy Joy

The no deo duo gang stompdown

T-Wrex, Primal Instinks, and Lord Rubix filming a "stompdown" video from a ground POV.

This playlist contains what the duo calls "stompdown" videos, which are virtual simulations filmed from a ground point of view with the camera facing up, and consist of them pretending to jump their audience for following them.

The stomping is accompanied by entertaining banter, and includes the duo's own signature stomp moves, such as the "elevator stomp" (dropping both feet together down on the camera in slow motion), the "yin-yang stomp" (putting one of each foot of both stompers together in the form of a yin-yang and slowly lowering them at the same time), and the "tap dance on your face" (one of them doing a wild tap dance over the camera). The duo have also filmed underwater versions of these stompdown videos using a GoPro camera.

The slow-motion stomping, ground point of view, and overall concept of the stompdown videos were inspired by a scene from the hit 90's movie "Office Space" where three of the guys destroy a printer outdoors by stomping and punching it while fitting music plays in the background.

Office Space - Printer Scene

Office Space - Printer Scene

Having the larger feet of the two, T-Wrex was crowned by The No Deo Duo's fans as being the dino king of the stompdown playlist. According to the blog on their official website, these stompdown videos, along with the breath-holding contests and home gym workout videos, helped jump-start their cult following, and the channel began expanding in content and growing in followers from there.

The playlist title "Stompy Stompy Joy Joy" is a parody of the song "Happy Happy Joy Joy" from the TV show Ren & Stimpy, which the duo list as an inspiration.

Breath-Holding Battle

The no deo duo breath hold battle

Primal Instinks competing in the breath-holding battle with T-Wrex.

A contest between two friends where each one takes a turn holding their breath as long as they can while the other person covers the competitor's nose and mouth with their hand(s) to ensure they don't cheat. An embedded timer displays how long they hold their breath for. The person who's mouth isn't covered aids the video with entertaining banter.

The duo and their friends film interesting new ways to compete by holding their breath, such as attempting to solve a Rubik's cube in one breath, both on land and underwater. They also invented a new type of wrestling, which they call "breathling" (described below in the playlist section), where the goal is to wrestle the breath away from your opponent to win.

Primal Instinks is the reigning champion of the breath holding battle, with his longest personal record being clocked at 5 minutes and 5 seconds, which he ended up passing out on camera at the very end of.

Home Gym

The no deo duo home gym

T-Wrex competing in the weighted "abs of steel" contest.

Workout/exercise videos which are shot by the duo either from inside their home gym, or outside in their backyard. Some of these videos are also strength-related challenges, such as the Abs of Steel Contest, which is their most-viewed video of all time.

Their equipment includes two 35-pound dumbbells, a barbell with two 20-pound weights and several smaller weights, and a piece of equipment which works several different muscle groups, including pull-up bars, handles for perfect-form push-ups, dip bars, and arm rests for leg raises. According to the duo, this piece of equipment was purchased using donations sent by supportive fans.

As part of their act, the duo sometimes create their own weight resistance when doing push-ups or crunches together by placing their foot on the back (push-ups) or core (crunches) of the other friend while they're performing the exercise. They're also known to sometimes use the body weight of each other in place of actual weights, for example in the "Fireman Carry Squats" video.

This is SPAR-ta!

The No Deo Duo backyard boxing

T-Wrex (left) boxing Primal Instinks (right).

These videos are boxing matches which take place in the backyard of the house the duo live at. In every video aside from the first match, protective head gear, mouth guards, and hand wraps are worn along with the boxing gloves.

The two contenders trade heavy blows, but never attempt to seriously hurt each other. The videos include banter along with the boxing to make the videos more entertaining. Whereas most rounds in boxing would last a few minutes, some of their fights turn out to be endurance matches where each video is one long, continuous round.

In some boxing videos, the duo add their own comedic commentary in the background to highlight certain events that may have been difficult to notice from the angle the video was filmed at. The commentary was a parody of what you would hear by celebrity commentators at a professional boxing event.

The Pool Kids Club

The No Deo Duo 3

Primal Instinks (left) and T-Wrex (right) in their backyard swimming pool.

These videos are filmed in the above-ground pool in the backyard of the duo's house.

The duo have filmed events such as underwater handstand and somersault competitions, watergun fights, flips and dives into the pool, breath-holding contests, lap-swimming contests, underwater fold-up chair races, underwater screaming compilations, pool wrestling matches, and dramatized scenarios where they pretended to drown each other.

The title of this playlist is a pun of "The Cool Kids Club."

Wrestling / Breathling

The No Deo Duo Backyard Wrestling

T-Wrex competing in a "breathling" match against Primal Instinks.

One day during the filming of a backyard boxing video, the sport of wrestling was brought up. The wrestling playlist was soon created, and included as an addition to the athletic competition and sports playlists on the channel.

The duo play by submission rules, where matches are won by either applying chokeholds or limb-locks to your opponent in an effort to get them to tap out. Some fans have compared it to Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

During a wrestling match one day, a new sport idea was created. T-Wrex would later name this new sport "breathling," which is a portmanteau of "breath" and "wrestling," as the object of the sport is to wrestle the breath from your opponent in order to win. Limb-locks are not allowed in this style of wrestling, breathling matches must be won by either using chokeholds or "smotherholds" to win, which means using the palms of your hands to block your opponent's airways (nose and mouth) so they can't breathe in an attempt to weaken them.

Breathling is a hybrid of the duo's wrestling matches and breath-holding battle playlistst. Upon uploading the first breathling match, it was very well received by their audience, with fans commenting suggestions and support for future matches of the new sport.


The No Deo Duo is T-Wrex the dinosaur and Primal Instinks the unwashed rat. They also feature their friends on the channel, who use nicknames and creative personas of their own.

Primal Instinks

The No Deo Duo Primal Instinks

Primal Instinks.

Primal Instinks is the creator, operator, and a co-star of The No Deo Duo. He is a roommate of T-Wrex, who he names as his best friend. Primal Instinks has had prior experience with a few YouTube channels before The No Deo Duo under different aliases, which were mainly solo efforts and served as precursors to some of The No Deo Duo's playlists, such as breath-holding contests, comedy skits, and work out routines. Primal Instinks eventually grew bored with being a solo act, and these early channels were abandoned and deleted as a result.

Primal Instinks stands at 5'11" and weighs 145 pounds. He's a third-generation American of mixed European ethnicity, including Italian, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh descent. Three of his great-grandparents came to America from Europe, while one of his grandparents was actually born in Wales.

Since 2012, Primal Instinks unconventionally hasn't used soap, shampoo, deodorant, or toothpaste (aside from washing his hands every day) due to his natural outlook on life and the natural lifestyle he chooses to live. He's aware that this is frowned on in modern society, so in the spirit of self-deprecating satire, he created an "unwashed rat" persona for himself which has green fur to illustrate the absence of washing. He also doesn't like to wear shoes, and only does so when absolutely necessary, and as a result spends most of his life barefoot, even driving his vehicle barefoot when the weather allows for it.

T-Wrex gave him the endearing nickname Primal Instinks based on his primitive hygiene habits, shoeless preference, and natural outlook on life, with "Instinks" being a pun on "instincts" due to his unwashed, deodorant-free lifestyle, which carries the threat of body odor.

Primal Instinks the Unwashed Rat

Primal Instinks the Unwashed Rat

Primal Instinks explaining his unwashed rat persona in the spirit of satire.

Primal Instinks states that he views himself as a vermin to society only in jest, and plays along with the joke at his own expense for the sake of entertainment. Due to his choice of not using hygiene products, he entertains his persona, which is basically an eccentric human with a rat's brain, by speaking highly of body odor, and expressing his hatred for soap, cologne/perfume, and deodorant.

In the video "My Strange Addiction - Smelling Shoes," which is a parody episode of the TLC show of the same name, Primal Instinks further entertains this rat persona by revealing an unusual habit he has of sniffing his friends' shoes. For the video, he had personal friends and co-workers of his give him their old shoes to use as props so he could smell them on camera in a satirical manner.

My Strange Addiction Smelling Shoes

My Strange Addiction Smelling Shoes

Primal Instinks satirizing his unusual habit of smelling his friends' shoes in a TLC parody.

Due to the success of the first "My Strange Addiction" skit, he requested more old shoes from more of his friends and filmed a sequel, which featured T-Wrex as a doctor who diagnosed his addiction and found a satirical solution to it.

Primal Instinks has stated that holding his breath has been a skill he's practiced ever since he was small enough to fit in the bathtub, where he would often spend time trying to stay underwater as long as he could instead of washing his body. He would also hold his breath in class during boring lectures, and practice this talent at home whenever he was bored in his bedroom. He's never met a friend who could beat him in a breath-holding contest, and the many minutes on end he effortlessly goes without breathing amazes people both in person and on the internet.

He enjoys showing off his breath-holding talent and pushing his body's limits with the help of his friends, referring to it as his personal choice of "benign masochism," a term associated with bodybuilders who enjoy the soreness of their muscles after lifting weights, as well as competitors who enjoy the burn they experience while competing in hot pepper-eating contests. He compares the thrill he gets from pushing his body's breath-holding limit to the rush people experience from skydiving, and considers himself a breath-holding daredevil due to breathless behind-the-scenes requests he fulfills as gifts for fans who donate to the No Deo Duo brand.

Primal Instinks is a big fan of parody and satire, and comedy and entertainment as a whole. He loves puns and alliterations, and will often use them in video titles and descriptions. He enjoys doing voice impressions and imitating foreign accents, and often includes these in some of the duo's videos as a gag. He also loves music, and will sometimes sing songs during the filming of videos. He has stated that the three things that make life the most enjoyable for him are friendship, music, and humor.

Though he dated girls throughout high school and had minor sexual experiences with a few of them, Primal Instinks is an independent person who has no interest or desire in sex, marriage, or fathering children, instead devoting all his free time to building and maintaining personal relationships with friends. As a result, he values friendship greatly and takes it very seriously.

After abstaining from eating fast food, unhealthy foods, and sweets, as well as not drinking soda or other sugared beverages for years, in March of 2018, Primal Instinks embraced a vegetarian diet by discontinuing the consumption of meat.


The No Deo Duo T-Wrex face


T-Wrex is a co-star of The No Deo Duo, and a best friend and roommate to Primal Instinks. This channel marks his first appearance on YouTube. At first he wasn't interested with the idea of being filmed and seen by random people on the internet, as he doesn't share his roommate's interest in photography and film-making, but he quickly warmed up to the idea after he realized how fun it was.

Along with providing a unique character for the channel, T-Wrex also began submitting video and title ideas of his own for use on the channel, and the combination of T-Wrex and Primal Instinks working together is what has made The No Deo Duo as successful as it is.

T-Wrex stands 6 feet tall and weighs around 175 pounds. He's an American of mixed European ethnicity, which includes German, among others.

T-Wrex's persona is a dinosaur who likes to stomp everything in sight in stereotypical, predatory fashion. T-Wrex has large feet and, weighing around 30 pounds heavier, is the bigger of the duo, and is a fan favorite in stompdown videos as a result. T-Wrex is also able to perform more reps whenever the duo work out together. Ironically, he has the endurance to run for much longer than Primal Instinks without tiring, but can't hold his breath as long as Primal Instinks can.

T-Wrex the Dinosaur Wrexzilla!

T-Wrex the Dinosaur Wrexzilla!

T-Wrex's dinosaur persona illustrated in a parody of an animal documentary and Godzilla movie.

T-Wrex has a personal longest record of 6 minutes for performing a "wall sit," a leg exercise where you sit with your knees bent and your back against a wall for as long as you can endure. He can also run a mile in 6 minutes (compared to Primal's 8-minute mile), and is able to run several miles in a row without tiring.

A catch-phrase of his is "what is happening?" whenever something strange or discomforting occurs. A personal quote of his is "I (just) like to exist," which is his overall philosophy on life.

T-Wrex enjoys playing video games at home, especially with Primal Instinks, as well as having a few drinks and relaxing with his friends in his spare time. He's engaged to his girlfriend of many years.

Like Primal Instinks, T-Wrex is an "old soul" who's favorite type of music is classic rock, and he enjoys many forms of rock and roll. T-Wrex's favorite bands include Pink Floyd, Three Days Grace, and Sublime. Some of the comedy skits that were his idea include "Trainer T-Wrex Used STINKPIT," "Don't Forget to Bring a Towel," and "Seven Minute Abs of Steel."

Seven Minute Abs of Steel

Seven Minute Abs of Steel

T-Wrex starring in the "Seven Minute Abs of Steel" comedy skit he wrote.

T-Wrex is a smart person who graduated high school and currently attends college, but has always struggled a little with reading and spelling, adding to the prehistoric satire of being raised in a cave.

Featured Friends

There are many featured friends of The No Deo Duo who make one-time and recurring appearances in their videos.

The No Deo Duo enjoy inviting their friends to participate and share the fun they have on YouTube and with filming requests for patrons. The appearances of their friends depends on their friends' schedules, and as a result, some are seen more often than others.

Lord Rubix

The No Deo Duo with Kid Rubix

Lord Rubix (left with glasses) pictured with The No Deo Duo.

Lord Rubix is a mutual friend of the duo. His nickname derives from his skill in solving Rubik's cubes, as well as the fact that he has a tattoo of a Rubik's cube on his arm. The "Lord" title is a joke that he comes from a royal line, and he sometimes speaks in a snobbish tone as a result. The "Lord" part of his name is credited to Coltrain, who one day comically referred to him as "Lord Rubix."

Lord Rubix is an avid video game player who also enjoys playing mind games such as chess. He also drums as a hobby, is a fan of post-hardcore and screamo music, and attends Warped Tour and similar concerts to see these types of bands live. He collects superhero action figures, mainly of Spider-Man and Deadpool, his favorites. He owns a Spider-Man costume which he's used in YouTube videos and patron requests.

Lord Rubix has many tattoos on his arms, including video game characters, a set of drum sticks, and a Rubik's cube. He wears glasses, and can be seen in them in most of the videos he's featured in. He's participated in most of the channel playlists, and usually films a cameo whenever he hangs out with the duo at their house. Of all the featured friends, Lord Rubix has participated the most in behind-the-scenes videos for channel patrons.

The No Deo Trio Pain Test (feat

The No Deo Trio Pain Test (feat. Kid Rubix)

Lord Rubix joining The No Deo Duo for a test of pain.

Lord Rubix is a fan of YouTube channel Where'sMyChallenge, which is what video ideas such as "Painful Pull-ups" and the one embedded above were inspired by. A running gag involving Lord Rubix is that even though, at around 130 pounds, he's the lightest member of The No Deo Duo, he is often the victor in strength competitions, the bully in scenes of one person teasing another, or the one punching others with boxing gloves in home gym videos.

Videos which feature Primal Instinks, T-Wrex, and Lord Rubix together sometimes include a logo reading "The No Deo Trio" during the introduction. This is because Lord Rubix also happens to choose not to use deodorant in real life like T-Wrex and Primal Instinks, so the title is changed as an apt joke.


The No Deo Duo Sloth

Sloth posing in The No Deo Duo's boxing gear.

Sloth is a part-time member of The No Deo Duo whose participation is limited due to his commitment to his family.

Sloth earned his nickname one day when he was asked by Primal Instinks "if you could pick any animal you most likely resembled, which one would it be?" and he answered with sloth. The reason given was his laidback nature, his shy aura, and his slow, soft way of speaking, and the nickname stuck.

Sloth is known for his good sense of humor, and regularly makes witty jokes and obscure TV references that usually only he and the duo would know. He's a night owl and a family man who likes to spend time with his girlfriend and child.

Super happy fun slide! (feat

Super happy fun slide! (feat. Sloth)

Primal Instinks and Sloth having summer fun in a backyard swimming pool.

Like the duo, Sloth is a big fan of TV shows such as Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, Rick and Morty, and the short-lived US comedy trio Stella. References to shows like these often find their way in the banter included in videos he's featured in.


The No Deo Duo Coltrain

Coltrain posing in the backyard pool.

Coltrain is a part-time member of The No Deo Duo who makes seasonal appearances on the channel and behind-the-scenes. He's a juggalo who enjoys rap music, especially the Insane Clown Posse. He also produces his own rap beats, writes his own lyrics, and raps in his free time.

Coltrain also refers to himself as a ninja, having spent time living in Japan and taking martial arts training classes. He can perform backflips, as well as other tricks without ease. He's also a fan of anime shows such as Naruto and Dragonball Z, and games such as Pokémon.

Slime Time! Gunge Game Show (feat

Slime Time! Gunge Game Show (feat. Coltrain)

Coltrain participating in a Nickelodeon-themed parody game show skit with the duo.

Coltrain participated in a "Slime Time" comedy skit and appears on The Pool Kids Club playlist. He's also made several appearances in behind-the-scenes request videos for patrons, which he has a lot of fun doing.


No deo duo bread boy wrex flex

Toast (right) with T-Wrex.

Toast is a part-time member and mutual friend of the duo who has participated in several of their playlists on numerous occasions, including backyard boxing matches, breath-holding battles, and comedy skits. He's also participated in comedy skits and behind-the-scenes videos for donors.

His persona is a high-voiced superhero who saves the world while uttering comical phrases and using absurd signature moves. Aside from being an entertainer on the duo's YouTube channel, Toast is also a talented musician and sketch artist. His toasted, tan skin and dark features are attributed to his Puerto Rican heritage.

Houdini Gut Punch (feat

Houdini Gut Punch (feat. Bread Boy)

His breath-holding battles with Primal Instinks are among the earliest and most popular on the channel's playlist, due to the prolonged periods they each hold out for, and the amusing banter Toast contributes throughout the duration of the videos. Like T-Wrex and Primal Instinks, he enjoys working out regularly and staying in shape.

In-jokes and Lore

The no deo duo lore humor

T-Wrex uses the "Stinkpit" attack on Primal Instinks in the spirit of the channel's eccentric humor.

According to their website, The No Deo Duo's channel name originated from the unconventional fact that neither of the two friends use deodorant, something they found to be amusing upon becoming roommates. Shortly after the creation of the channel, they invented nicknames and accompanying personas for themselves and their featured friends, which was said to be a combined effort, with Primal Instinks coming up with the rat and dinosaur personas, and T-Wrex coming up with the two punny nicknames.

Like other YouTubers who choose not to disclose who they are in real life for a sense of mystery and reason of anonymity, the duo keep their private lives to themselves. They refer to their YouTube channel as their "virtual playground" and treat it as its own world.

Along with assigning satirical personas to themselves, they also exhibit unconventional behaviors and act primitively for entertainment purposes, such as advocating a deodorant-free lifestyle and running around barefoot all the time. In-jokes such as the "stinkpit" were also created in line with this lore.


There are many tropes existent in The No Deo Duo's act. Some of the more prominent ones include:

  • Heterosexual Life Partners: T-Wrex and Primal Instinks are best friends, as well as roommates, and are prone to showing friendly affection for each other in their videos. Newcomers to the channel will sometimes even mistake the duo as being gay (which is also a trope).
  • Real Men Hate Affection: Whereas Primal Instinks is all about friendly affection and giving hugs to his friends, T-Wrex prefers handshakes, and would rather be Vitriolic Best Buds with Primal instead, although he'll still on occasion return friendly affection.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Primal Instinks is an affectionate friend at heart, but he'll entertain this trope with T-Wrex at times as well. Examples of this are instances of the duo slapping each other in the face, stepping on each other if one is lying on the floor, and the breath-holding battles where they take turns blocking each others airways for as long as they can bear for sport.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: The No Deo Duo are almost always filmed barefoot. While most of their videos are filmed inside their house, which would provide a good reason for not wearing footwear, videos filmed outdoors also lack shoes, including boxing and wrestling matches, as well as a few videos showing them driving their vehicles barefoot.
  • Running Gag: Everyone being barefoot in virtually every upload is also a running gag which has become part of their channel lore. Primal Instinks will also attempt to ask any friends who stop by to be on the channel to refrain from showering or using deodorant beforehand in a "when in Rome" attempt to make the "No Deo Duo" experience more realistic.
    T-Wrex's ear-piercing shriek into the camera is also a running gag which will be used to end a video or provide a jump-scare effect; this was especially true in the "Soothing ASMR Whisper Session" skit.
  • Earthy Barefoot Character: Primal Instinks prefers running around the woods or on grass barefoot, and believes in connecting with nature by doing so. He only wears socks or shoes when absolutely necessary; he even drives his vehicle barefoot whenever the weather allows for it.
    Along with this, he also chooses not to use deodorant, shampoo, soap, or toothpaste (aside from washing his hands every day), adding to the "earthy, natural" character. This may be a character he plays on the internet, but it's also true of him in real life.
  • Self-Deprecation: The duo's personas were created using self-deprecating humor.
    Primal Instinks is a skinny rat because he chooses not to use deodorant, shampoo, or even soap in the shower, and he also enjoys smelling his friends' shoes in hopes that they're odorous. The rat's fur is also green to illustrate the unwashed state of the character.
    T-Wrex is a dinosaur (a Tyrannosaurus Rex, obviously) because of his build, his real-life lack of feeling pain ("having a thick hide"), his slight difficulty with reading and spelling ("raised in a cave"), and his habit of wanting to stomp everything all the time in predatory fashion, including others around him. He also has the ability to emit an ear-piercing shriek, which he likes to do in videos as a running gag.
  • No Inside Voice: The duo like to be loud in their videos. Primal Instinks speaks in loud, excitable tones, and T-Wrex screeches like a dinosaur, sometimes directly into the camera for comedic effect.
  • Alliterative Title: Primal Instinks loves these, and regularly uses them in the channel videos and descriptions, as well as the titles for the behind-the-scenes bonus videos.
  • Shout Out: Along with naming their mutual inspirations for their video ideas and sense of humor on their website, the duo also give various shout-outs in their content. For example, the name of the stompdown playlist is "Stompy Stompy Joy Joy" in reference to Ren & Stimpy's "Happy Happy Joy Joy" song. They filmed dramatized Godzilla monster battles using cardboard boxes for buildings in a throwback to Godzilla. They had even stomped a watermelon to pieces barefoot in a throwback to melon-smashing comedian Gallagher, but deleted the video after YouTube began censoring their content.
  • Berserk Button: Not only does Primal Instinks not use deodorant, but he hates everything about it, including the smell of it. He has stated that no donation of any amount would get him to voluntarily use it, and anyone who attempted to put it (or any artificial fragrance) on him would be considered his enemy.
    T-Wrex doesn't really like to be touched, which is part of why he sometimes rejects physical affection from friends. This is also why he doesn't participate in the wrestling matches, because the contact triggers anger in him, although it doesn't bother him if it's done in the swimming pool.
  • Space Case: Primal Instinks and his unusual habit of smelling his friends' shoes. He has to sniff both shoes in the hope that one may be smellier than the other. Also, T-Wrex's habit of wanting to stomp everything.
  • The Wonka: Primal Instinks. He created the brand using intentionally-eccentric humor and unconventional lore, and successfully found an audience for it, even fans who were willing to financially support it via donations.
  • Non Sequitur: T-Wrex is a big fan of these. He sometimes interrupts vlogs by saying something random and unrelated to the subject at hand, or repeats random phrases like "I like bananas."
  • Trampled Underfoot: T-Wrex's persona is a dinosaur who goes around stomping on everything (and everyone) he can using with his large-sized feet in predatory fashion.
    The stompdown videos on the channel are filmed from a ground point-of-view, giving the visual impression that you're being stepped on.
  • Fearsome Foot: T-Wrex's large feet are his personal weapons.
    A video explaining T-Wrex's persona begins with a shot of his feet (which also counts for the Feet-First Introduction trope), followed by footage of him slowly stomping forward with his hands raised in a stereotypical dinosaur style. The next scene shows him drowning Primal Instinks by using his foot to hold Primal's face underwater in a puddle of mud (as well as a quick shot of him doing the same thing in a bathtub full of water), and then switches to a ground view facing up as he begins stomping at the camera and screeching like Godzilla.
  • Giant Foot of Stomping: The stompdown videos are filmed from a ground point of view where the camera is set on the floor facing straight up as the duo and their friends stand over it and menacingly stomp at it in a playful manner. The angle of the camera gives the impression that a giant foot is coming right for you, with nowhere to run.
  • Spell My Name With An "S": The duo's nicknames are purposefully misspelled the way they are for comedic effect and because the names are puns. However, fans will sometimes misspell their names by fashioning them properly as "Primal Instincts" and "T-Rex."
  • One-Shot Character: There are a few featured guests on the channel who only appear in a single video or two and are never seen again.
  • No Animals Were Harmed: A dramatized horror video of the duo pretending to drown in their backyard swimming pool titled "Dramatized Drowning" includes momentary footage of a rat being held underwater in a tank by someone's pet turtle, as well as a rat in a cage being drowned in a body of water. The video description reveals the clips were stock footage found on YouTube which were artistically being used to illustrate Primal Instinks (the rat) being drowning by T-Wrex (the turtle, which is a reptile, just like dinosaurs were), and that no actual animals had been harmed in the making of the video.

Fan Funding

The no deo duo slime request

The No Deo Duo posing after fulfilling a Nickelodeon-inspired "slime time" request for a patron.

After successfully finding an audience for their content, The No Deo Duo began receiving inquiries from fans who were interested in supporting their brand by way of crowdfunding. In response, a PayPal account was set up, and a donation link was added to the duo's official website.

The No Deo Duo often receive a lot of video requests from their fans, but have stated they don't have enough free time to fulfill them all. As incentive for fans who could potentially become donors, however, the duo announced the opportunity to fulfill personalized video requests as gifts for patrons only, and began listing some of the scenarios they had already filmed for fans on their website as behind-the-scenes bonus gifts for donors, giving them creative titles and supplying descriptions, genres, and screenshots for each scenario they had acted out for their supportive fans.

Fans who donate a threshold amount to the channel earn the opportunity to view the pre-filmed, behind-the-scenes requests as gifts if they didn't have a personalized request of their own. Many of these requests consist of creative scenarios based off the duo's sense of humor and pre-existing channel content.

Awards and Recognition

YouTube widely promoted the No Deo Duo video "Compilation of people holding their breath until they pass out" across its platform. Ironically, this video was a Primal Instinks solo vlog which was filmed as a parody of mainstream videos, yet managed to achieve mainstream success due to YouTube promoting it, and it's the only video on the channel to contain comments from a mainstream audience as a result.

YouTube also widely promoted the original "My Strange Addiction - Smelling Shoes" comedy skit. Primal Instinks expected to be teased and judged for the intentionally-cringey standpoint the video was filmed from, however, the video was met with very warm reviews. Commenters applauded his bravery in being so open, and some people even came forward to state they had the same unusual habit.

In 2016, The No Deo Duo were emailed with a contract offer from multi-channel network BroadbandTV. A talent scout had discovered their YouTube channel by means of one of their underwater Rubik's cube breath-holding battles, and, after viewing more of their content, invited them to be part of the major network in exchange for an ad revenue split.

The No Deo Duo politely refused the offer, mainly because they wanted to continue succeeding and learning how to improve on their own. Primal Instinks also preferred video titles with alliterations over clickbait titles meant to generate higher SEO results, and he didn't like the idea of having to pay someone to do what he enjoyed doing on his own for fun.

In February of 2018, The No Deo Duo received an email invite to join TopBuzz because a talent scout had been impressed with the filming and editing of the comedy skit "Brojack's Informal Induction."


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The No Deo Duo have stated that they do not have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other type of social media accounts aside from their YouTube channel, or any other website aside from their official one on Weebly.