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ThePeachicksAndUs (formerly known as emilyjackandindiana), is a vlog youtube channel. They started their channel with a video called Baby On Board, then announced they were pregnant with their first child Indiana. Their are 4 members of the family that appear on the channel including Indiana (2) Parker (1) Mum Emily and Dad Jack. Later after launching their channel they decided to start a blog capturing all the magical moments as a family. Their channel got so far and then, they announced they were pregnant with their second baby Parker, who was born on the 4th of August, 2015. 3 months later, they changed their channel from emilyjackandindiana to ThePeachicksAndUs to stand it out and keep it up to date as a family, however, their blog name did not change and stayed emilyandindiana. They also film more than just vlogs, including reviews, baby/toddler meal ideas routines and much more.

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