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Alex Mills (born November 9, 2000) is an English male 14-year-old and YouTube personality who goes under the name "TheWonderSpud". He uploads primarily gaming content, with a variety of different types of games and genres. He has accumulated over 600 subscribers in over a year of uploading to his channel. He uploads on a regular basis, usually around 3-4 videos per week. Some of his most popular series include his Indie Games series, his Minecraft series "Terra Nova" and his Garry's Mod scripted sandbox series "GMod Journey" also know as "Garry's Mod Journey". He also calls his subscribers "Spuds" rather than fans or viewers, similar to other YouTubers, for example PewDiePie calls his fans "Bros".

A lot younger, he originally started YouTube on a channel called "HotPotatoesXen", he was meant to be part of a group of YouTubers known as "Hot Potatoes". The channel had three videos, a trailer, a holiday vlog and holiday vlog bloopers. The group split and the channel was quickly deleted.

Prominent video games



Joe walking towards Alex through the plane wreckage in the first episode of Terra Nova.

Alex has had many Minecraft related series, his most popular being "Terra Nova", which is a partially scripted Minecraft series similar to YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon's series, "Shadow Of Israphel". It also featured his friend and co-star Joe Walsh, more well known as his YouTube personality "MegaQuartzNinja". He also had done a minigames series, where he plays Minecraft minigames on servers such as Mineplex and The Hive, these may often feature MegaQuartzNinja or Lewis, also know as Grifflec. Other guest stars have included Rhys, also known as "UltimateCaliber" and Ben, who's Minecraft username was "Humbugz". Other than mini-games, Alex has also done Minecraft map playthroughs, and has made a map of his own, "The Academy", which has accumulated 14,000 downloads according to Curse. Some maps that Alex has played through include Roomscape, Cruise Ship Down, Staircase, Antichamber, Day In Tuscorora and Desperado. He has done various other Minecraft videos including resource pack showcases and update showcases.

Garry's Mod

One of Alex's most popular series is his "GMod Journey" or "Garry's Mod Journey" series, a semi-scripted series that is Alex playing around with Garry's Mod community created addons in sandbox mode, but including a little storyline. The most prominent character in the series is Judith, who is a character from Half-Life 2, and comes as default in Garry's Mod. She is known to not care about anything.

Team Fortress 2

Alex is a huge VALVE fan and has done multiple Team Fortress 2 videos. Team Fortress 2 was one of his first non-Minecraft playthrough series. He did four episodes and then ended the series. However, in 2014, he did a two parter Halloween special on Team Fortress 2 and the special events that were currently happening in the game.

Half-Life 2

Alex started and is currently doing a full playthrough on the popular VALVE game "Half-Life 2". There is usually an episode or two out every single week. Alex stated he will be playing the game all the way through and then take a break and play something else before starting a series on the Half-Life 2 episode games, which are continuations of the Half-Life 2 storyline.

This War Of Mine

Alex started and is currently playing the indie game "This War Of Mine", a game based on the dark side of war, which features a group of citizens in a warzone, with lack of food, shelter and medicine. The game includes situations such as defending, crafting and scavenging.

Five Nights At Freddy's


Cameron after being jump-scared by Chica during Night 3 of Five Nights At Freddy's.

Alex did a couple of episodes on the popular strategy horror game "Five Nights At Freddy's", these included a reaction camera (Face-cam) in the corner and he was accompanied often by Joe or his friend Cameron.

Five Nights At Freddy's 3

Although Alex only did one episode on the Five Nights At Freddy's sequel "Five Nights At Freddy's 2", he did do a longer series on the third instalment of the franchise, "Five Nights At Freddy's 3", however he ended it on the fourth episode. After many attempts at completing the fourth night he admitted he wasn't a fan of this instalment and felt is was more about luck rather than strategy.


Terra Nova


Three baby zombies attacking Alex during episode 4 of Terra Nova.

Terra Nova is a partially scripted Minecraft playthrough series featuring his best friend Joe, otherwise known as his YouTube personality "MegaQuartzNinja". The series is uploaded to both of their channels, but from their own perspectives. Joe and Alex crash land a plane, they dont remember much but they have to fight through some paranormal creatures. They find out that their friend Mister Pumpkin was killed in the crash when they find hia carcass in their personal staff cabin. They also find out that there is a survivor or at least another person around the area. They use the plane wreck for shelter, primarily the area that has been buried with dirt and is underground. The survivor has raided their base and often leaves little messages. However we have never seen the survivor yet.

GMod Journey


Alex shoots Solomon during the GMod Journey season 2 opener.

GMod Journey ia a series where Alex tests out community made addons for Garry's Mod but with a storyline and comedic characters. It was originally just meant to be a small series of playing around in Sandbox mode, but that changed. So far there has been two seasons. The first season was three episodes long and was followed by a two parter special. In the second series there have been two episodes so far which have a more dark and twiated approach. The series has not been continued since despite popular demand.

Indie Games

His indie games series was a long series of him playing multiple indie games. A different game each episode, he would often find these games through Game Jolt, Twitter or other YouTubers. Some of the games Alex played include EnviroBear 2000, Box Life and The Plan. He has not continued the series since, bur has worked on very similar work such as longer, episodic playthroughs of indie games.

12 Days of Indie

During Christmas of 2014 to 2015, Alex did a 12 days of Christmas event, where he would play a different indie game every single day during the 12 days of Christmas. Some of these games include Crash & Burn Racing, Toribash and Floating Point.



Alex spits water on Joe.

Alex has a qwerky and fun personality. Alex can be very sarcastic at sometimes, causing sometimes some dark humour or witty comments. During serious events in video games though, he can sometimes try to make light of the events by cracking a joke or he can often be quite serious about it. He has quite a varied personality.


When creating videos, Alex likes to create characters and personalities for comedic effect, often with a certain attitude or particular reoccurring quote or emotion.


113px-YellowLamb (1)

A baby yellow sheep in Minecraft, similar to Bigsby.

Bigsby is a baby yellow sheep who is featured in Alex's Minecraft videos. He is often dyed the color yellow, seeing as it is Alex's favorite color. He is commonly called an "Arse-hole" or an "Asshole" by Alex. Bigsby is constantly being slow, dawdling and wasting time and Alex has to encourage him to follow. He also has Bigsby on the Minecraft server Mineplex, but he is unable to dye Bigsby yellow therefore he has white wool when Alex is playing on Mineplex.

Bigsby is his companion and side-kick for a lot of his Minecraft series and will continue to be for a while. Alex has revealed he has other plans for more Minecraft series and he has plans of Bigsby being a more prominent character in his videos.



Judith talking to Alex, whilst a previous version of Judith is stuffed dead in the wall.

Judith Mossman is a character from Half-Life 2, although originally, Alex did not know that. Judith plays a prominent role in Alex's Garry's Mod series "GMod Journey", she is known to not care about anything. This comes from the first episode of the series, where Alex takes her to the toilet and shoots her in the face several times and she stares at him blankly, this is one of the most well-known scenes from his videos.

Judith was originally planned to be married to "Cubbage", another character in the series who is also a character from Half-Life 2, "Odessa Cubbage". However, the marriage is interrupted and fails after "Gregori", yet another role in the series who also plays a part in Half-Life 2, interrupts the wedding. Judith is half-Jewish and half-Christian according to Alex and she can play the piano with her head. Judith also likes "twerking".


Odessa Cubbage, known as simply "Cubbage" in the GMod Journey series, is a character from the Half-Life 2 series, but is also in Garry's Mod. Cubbage was also toilet trained in the series, like Judith. The toilet paper actually glitched behind the backside of Cubbage, which was ironic as Alex was actually trying to clean his backside. Cubbage is known to sometimes run away or follow Alex. Cubbage is engaged to Judith and was planned to be married but the marriage was interrupted by Gregori. Despite being engaged to Judith, Cubbage shows some love for Alex.


Father Grigori, known just simply as "Grigori" or nicknamed "Scary eye man" in the GMod Journey series, is the main villain of the series. He is yet another character originally from VALVE's source game Half-Life 2. In the first episode, Alex recalls how creepy he is and spawns him in, showing the viewers his creepy speeches. At the end of the episode, Alex and Judith go to the park but Cubbage interrupts them and chases them into the lake. In the first episode, Alex is surprised to see that he is in the "Animals" section in the spawn-list.



Killer defending Alex from a couple of Ogres.

Killer is a dog in Minecraft that was featured in Alex's playthrough of the Minecraft map "Escape Zanzer Tem's Dungeon". Originally called Doggy (Pronounced dough-gee) and Doge (named after the meme), Alex decided to name him killer. This was because he accidentally said "I'm gonna kill him" rather than "I'm gonna call him...". Although Killer has never appeared in a video, since, Alex still says he has plans to include him in the future, despite him being slain by one of Zanzer Tem's Bugbears during the boss battle at the end of the video.

Killer 2


Killer 2 in the stables.

After Alex escapes Zanzer Tem's dungeon, he equips a lead and takes a horse from the stables, he names the horse Killer and replaces him with his earlier pet in the map, Killer the dog.

Mister Pumpkin


Mister Pumpkin as he appears in the first flashback.

Mister Pumpkin (or Mr.Pumpkin) is a character in Alex's Minecraft series "Terra Nova". After the plane crashes, Alex and Joe search for survivors and find a cabin under a mountain nearby. Mister Pumpkin is lay inside the cabin dead. Alex is upset about it, although when telling Joe, Joe doesn't even acknowledge his existence. Joe has a mysterious relationship with Mister Pumpkin. In the second episode of Terra Nova, there is a memorial service for Mister Pumpkin. Alex and Joe both wear black leather armor whilst mourning his death. When Alex digs the grave to find nobody there, he asks Joe how far down he actually is, to which Joe responds "Not too far down, my friend, not too far down.", followed by a mysterious evil-like laugh. Alex also sees him in his imagination in the third episode. When slowed down, you can see Mister Pumpkin is not actually there. The only time we have ever seen Mister Pumpkin alive was in an early flashback in the series with guest star Dan.




Alex in one of Joe's Mega Monday videos.

Joe, otherwise known as his Minecraft character and YouTube personality "MegaQuartzNinja", is in most of Alex's collaboration videos and Minecraft videos. Alex and Joe are quite obviously close friends, and work together on YouTube constantly. Alex has frequently appeared in Joe's "Mega Mondays", a weekly vlog series. Joe also does Terra Nova with Alex, as well as some of the Minecraft mini-games episodes. They have also done multiple videos in the past, such as Five Nights At Freddy's videos, Minecraft and Skype trolling videos and his Cubic Castles series.


Colesy Gaming and Alex recorded a GTA Online video together and because of their regular contact via Twitter and YouTube, and talks about recording again, it is more than likely that there will be more videos with Colesy.



Alex, Joe and Rhys looking at Lewis and his female look-a-like.

Lewis, otherwise known as his Minecraft character "grifflec", has been in a few videos with Alex. Most notably, a Minecraft video with UltimateCaliber and Joe, where Lewis meets a player with a similar skin to him, but feminine. Lewis was also in one of Alex's Minecraft trolling videos. Lewis has also been in a video over at Joe's channel with Alex, Joe and Billy, also known as "billyste".


Rhys, otherwise known as his YouTube personality "UltimateCaliber" did a Minecraft mini-games episode with Alex, Joe and Lewis.



Cameron and Alex being jump-scared.

Cameron, or otherwise known as Cam, has appeared in one video so far, which was a Five Nights At Freddy's playthrough. Cameron has a slightly awkward, timid personality. He also appeared in a livestream that was broadcasted but taken down afterwards for unknown reasons.


Not much is known about Dan. He was featured in the first Minecraft trolling video and hasn't appeared since. He is most notable for his over-the-top laugh.


Morgan has only appeared in a GTA Online video along with Alex and Colesy Gaming. A Portal 2 series is meant to begin soon with Morgan and Alex. He has also been in some of MegaQuartzNinja's videos.


Alex has had many intros to his YouTube videos. Some of them have been notably awful and some have been quite professional.


There have been multiple controversial events that have taken place in the past revolving around Alex.

12 Days of Indie Controversy

There was a lot of controversy over the 12 Days of Indie event that Alex did during the 12 Days of Christmas through 2014 to 2015 as Alex actually stole multiple sources of content from other creators. The actual logo for the 12 Days of Indie event was actually originally and still in use by a charity organisation with the same name as the series, 12 Days of Indie. After some discussion on Twitter between the creators of the charity organisation and Alex, it was organised that Alex was to put links in the description of every 12 Days of Indie video to credit the actual 12 Days of Indie organisation which he did. Alex may now actually help in the next 12 Days of Indie charity event. He also stole content from Joe during his Toribash video, reportedly due to not having enough time to record the footage himself. Joe has no complaints about this however and has never brought this up.

MegaQuartzNinja Controversy

During early 2015, there were rumours that MegaQuartzNinja and Alex were no longer friends. Alex and Joe made fun of the situation on April Fools day with a couple of videos mocking the rumour.

BBDavR Controversy

YouTuber BBDavR created a fake interview with YouTuber PewDiePie and claimed that it was his original content. The interview was actually between PewDiePie and another YouTuber called Wilburgur. Alex, being a fan of BBDavR, commented on his interview stating that it was fake. After this, BBDavR blocked him from his channel and told him that he wouldn't find the interview anywhere else. Despite this, Alex found the actual interview and later, the interview was taken down and BBDavR's channel no longer exists for unknown reasons. The channel was most likely taken down because of content theft or it was deleted by BBDavR himself.


"What's up, spuds?"

"Peace out spuds!"

"You poo!"

"What's up, spuds and spudettes?"

"We're friends... kind of... not really."

"I dunno where we're goin'!"

"Wait! Wait!"


"The weather today is extremely mobby, please equip yourself with an umbrella... and... your mother."

"Oh jeesh..."

"Bigsby, you arse-hole"

"Judith don't care"

"What the shit?"

"Holy balls!"


Alex aiming for "the cookie" whilst playing Turf Wars.

"Kill the cookie!"

"Holy crap!"

"God damn dirt for Gods sake!" (Mimicking Joe)

"Wool, wool, wool, wool, wool, wool, wool, wool, wool, wool!"


"Yes, I want my pants."

"Where's your head gone, mate?"

"You alright there, mate?"

"I-I'm Alex. I'm a sexy beast. Who're you?!"

"Thanks, mum!"

"Kissy kiss!"

"Freaking Jesus, what the hell?!"

"Holy shit!"

"Well, that caught me off guard"

"Foxy, you bitch."

"Don't you dare, don't you dare, Golden Freddy don't you dare!"

"No need to go down there! No need to go down there!" (Mimicking Kate Walker from his Syberia series)


Kate Walker from Syberia.

"We're back, on the top of the wagon!"

"Ya bugger"


  • Despite being awful at puzzle games, Portal 2 is one of his favourite games of all time.
  • His Minecraft player head is featured in the Minecraft map "Diversity 2".

    Alex's player head in the Minecraft map "Diversity 2".

  • Alex has a pet cat called Holly.
  • During childhood, Spyro was his favorite game franchise.
  • He is an Atheist and Anti-theist.
  • He does not like Skylanders, despite being a huge Spyro fan.

    One of Alex's Five Nights At Freddy's 3 fake screenshots

  • Alex once created fake screenshots for Five Nights At Freddy's 3 before the game was released, he also used them in a prank video he did, with a jump-scare at the end.
  • Alex made a Minecraft map called "The Academy" which spawned over 14,000 downloads and over 50 YouTube playthroughs.
  • Alex has many cancelled projects, including his second season of Garry's Mod Journey, his "Unearthly" Minecraft map, his Minecraft parody "Tools", and his Minecraft series "Test Subject".
  • His favorite Team Fortress 2 classes are the Pyro and the Soldier.
  • His favorite weapon in Minecraft is the bow, which explains his skill in the Minecraft mini-game "Turf Wars".
  • His favorite YouTuber is Colleen Ballinger, also known as "PsychoSoprano".
  • His favorite color is yellow.
  • His favorite TV show is Doctor Who.

Alex holds up his Blue Snowball microphone

  • Alex uses the Blue Snowball microphone for his current videos.

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