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The World's Strictest Parents (or World's Strictest Parents) is a television reality series developed by TwentyTwenty Television with its original broadcast in Britain by the BBC. The success of the program led to many international versions being created including in the America's (broadcast by CMT) (part of MTV Networks) and Australia by the Channel Seven, the CMT episodes frequently rebroadcasting on MTV. There are also many other international foreign versions (listed below) including a German (German language)-version titled "Die strengsten Eltern der Welt" (The strictest Parents in the World).

The concept is that two so-called "unruly" teenagers are sent to live abroad with a strict host family for a week in an attempt to change their attitudes and behaviours. During the week they receive an impact letter from their real parents with a list of issues they should try to resolve.


The Seven Network also created their own series of The World's Strictest Parents, hosted by singer and actor Axle Whitehead. The first season debuted in Australia on 22 July 2009. However, a sneak peek was shown on 24 June 2009 and was the top watched show of the week, with 1.875 million people tuning in. Whitehead's song Way Home was featured in the advertisements. The show is classified PG.

A second season went to air on 14 July 2010, starting with two British episodes featuring Whitehead's narration.

Season 3 premiered on 10 August 2011, however the series was continually interrupted due to the airing of the third season of The X Factor Australia.

The remainder of season three was aired in the middle of 2012.

The show did not return for a fourth season in 2013, due to poor ratings. Repeats of old episodes are currently being aired on Sunday afternoons.