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TGVT (thegrimvideotaper) is a group of people joined together to make graphics, gameplay, music and more. They are always hiring, so don't hesitate to contact them to apply.


TGVT is a YouTube channel that started off with one person in 2008 or 2009, We don't remember, and once it started to get a fanbase it decided to recruit talented people. People that could can make graphics, art, music, and animations. They are still recruiting, but once they hit their desired amount of people they won't recruit anymore. So hurry up and contact us now. Why watch us? Why not watch other famous people? Maybe like Ethoslab or BlueXephos? Well, we are unique to anybody else. We love to see new talents, new genres of music, new people. So, back to my question, why watch us? Well, to be honest, I don't know. We don't like money. Even though we are partnered we made a deal with our network not to pay us. Just to prove to you guys/girls that we don't take money. BlueXephos uses their money for equipment. We use laptops, slowwwww laptops, headsets, turtlebeaches, and we use cheap programs.

The Crew

Kolton Simpson is the founder and the main man in TGVT. He started commentating after he saw his first video of Chimneyswift11. He got inspired and decided to become a YouTuber.

Blarcafilms is the animator and drawer for TGVT. He joined when Kolton looked at his Planet Minecraft account and saw a drawing. So he made the one banner for TGVT and joined by force. His team is our partner in crime.

Mr. Rivux is the music creator for TGVT. Kolton saw his amazing talent on making music and though he only has 11 subscribers, I want him on my team because his work is truly amazing.