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Capitalistic Forever, formerly known as TGVT (thegrimvideotaper) is a group of people joined together to make graphics, gameplay, music and more.


The YouTube channel was first launched with one person in 2008 as thegrimvideotaper, once it started to get more of a fanbase it decided to recruit talented people that could make graphics, art, music, and animations, and so on. It is unknown whether they are still recruiting since they have been inactive for a long while, but they were initially going to stop recruiting once they achieved a certain amount.

The Crew

Kolton Simpson is the founder and the main man in TGVT. He started commentating after he a Chimneyswift11 and got inspired to become a YouTuber himself.

Blarcafilms is the animator and artist for TGVT. He joined when Kolton looked at his Planet Minecraft account and saw his art. He then later made the banner for TGVT and joined by force.

Mr. Rivux is the music creator for TGVT. Kolton saw his amazing talent on making music and even though he only has 11 subscribers, he wanted him his team because his work was truly amazing.