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MaleIcon YouTuber

Thenickshift is an Actor.


the twin shift.

  • the twin shift. episode 1
  • the twin shift. episode 2
  • the twin shift. episode 3
  • the twins hift. episode 4
  • the twin shift. episode 5
  • the twin shift. episode 6 (pre production)

Special FX

  • Teleporting FOR REAL!!!
  • Boy learns to Teleport!
  • Paranormal security footage caught! 9/02/08. 10:56pm.
  • Most Haunted Live: Australia (possesion footage 30/04/08)
  • How to do telekinesis. (read description)


  • 5 Facts! + my new haircut.
  • Where to go in Australia? (read description)
  • communitychannel + comment's and views issues
  • Re: Back to Basics
  • give me ideas for the twin shift.
  • Re: Today I am 18!!
  • Re: I am Iron Nat
  • the most OFFENSIVE joke on the internet!!!


  • cleaning my room.
  • Nokia N95 MAGIC TRICK! (read description)
  • (100% LEGAL!) Credit Card number generator v4.6

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