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Robert James Rallison (born May 14, 1996), is known for creating the web comic, "theodd1sout"; and the YouTube channel titled "theodd1sout comic"; where he talks about events in his lifetime such as his life in Arizona, his job at Sooubway, and how he became an artist.

James will also post speed drawings for the web comics he posts on websites, such as Tumblr and Tapastic. In these videos, he shows the process of the comic's creation, and he rambles about recent events in his life.

James also has a counterpart comic series called "aneven2sin" which also has a YouTube channel called "AnEven2sIn Cartoon". The comic series "aneven2sin", made by doggybag comics, is supposed to be the opposite to James' comics. The YouTube channel's content is supposed to be the opposite to the videos on "theodd1sout comic". 

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